Thursday, April 7, 2011

Easy Sunday

Sunday was a much more laid back day. PHEW. That morning, Aiden played around the house while I attempted to coral the dog and cat hair that has taken over my house. I'm pretty sure everyone is shedding their winter coats. It's horrific.

After Aiden's nap, Travis headed out to play disk golf with some buddies, while Aiden and I went to visit the Ramby's. I thought it was strange that Travis didn't come with us, but that evening I found out that he thought Chris was still gone on a training trip.

Chris watched Aiden for me while Alexa, Skylar and I ran to Walmart to purchase some outdoor goodies for their backyard and to pick up a pizza. When we got back, we walked over to their neighbor's house to check out all the Bluebonnets in her backyard.

I just started some Bluebonnet seeds a week ago. They are just now poking their heads out of the soil. I know it is really late in the season to be starting seeds of just about anything, but I figured it was worth a shot. If they grow big enough to drop seeds, then next year we should have more flowers at the correct time of year. We'll see!

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