Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sunday with the Yeager's

Sunday afternoon we brought dinner to the Yeager's. Linsey's mom stayed with them for a week after Kenley was born, so they spent the past weekend learning to function as a family unit. I know how stressful that was for me without a toddler already running around, so I wanted to easy their day with dinner (and leftovers for later).

I made a no-stuff pepper casserole that was DELICIOUS. I stowed away the recipe for pulling out again later. I actually got the original recipe in the mail from the local grocer, but lost it somehow between making my grocery list and making the casserole. I had to improvise a little, combining some recipes online. I'd have to say I thought it turned out pretty good!

For dessert, we had angel food cake with fresh-picked strawberries and Cool Whip. It was nice to catch up with Linsey and Zach while Aiden played with Luke. Travis hadn't met Kenley yet - it was cute to see him holding a little baby again. It sounds like there has been a little stress in transitioning Luke to brotherhood. Hopefully things will smooth out soon!

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Sara's Satire said...

Travis is growing up!!! He is actually starting to look older - I always think its funny, because he has such a baby face!
It took Logan a little bit to catch on to the whole brotherhood thing...He went from not even LOOKING at her in the hospital, to waking up and immediately looking for her to give her kisses...but it wan't overnight, it took a little while. It seemed like he got better each day. By the second week, he would at least sit next to me, even IF I had her in my arms - LOL (I guess by that time he was starting to realize that she wasn't going away) by the end of the month, he was playing with her, and after 2 months - he was in love with her!
My moms says I was the same way with Vanessa...LOL