Thursday, April 14, 2011

Girls Night Out

I made an attempt every day this weekend to get together with Ariel. Sadly, it never worked out because of her job. I finally realized that it would be nice of me to find time on her weekend to hang out. She usually has Sunday through Tuesday off, so I asked her to hang out with me Monday night. Since Travis had such a full weekend out of the house, I asked him to take Aiden so I could hang out with Ariel distraction-free.

It has been ages since Ariel and I were able to hang out like this. Usually our conversations are interrupted by me having to tend Aiden, or Ariel having to tend to her house or dinner or work. It was so calm that I kept waiting for something outrageous to happen on it's own. Lucky for us that never happened!

I picked up Ariel after work and we headed over to Fish Tales for dinner. It's crawfish season, so we ordered a couple pounds, shrimp cocktail for an appetizer and a few drinks. Oh and Ariel got raw oysters. I do not see the appeal in those balls of slime, so that one was all Ariel. It was a warm, sunny day, so we sat on the second floor balcony that overlooks the Seawall. Our only distraction there was the deconstruction of the hotel across the street. It was a little noisy at times, but we took it in stride.

After dinner, we walked downstairs to get Blue Bell ice cream cones. We hopped in the car and drove a few blocks down to a bar I had never noticed, right on the Seawall. Ariel's friend bartends there, so we hung out for a few minutes and Ariel finished her cone. On the ride over, half my cone melted out the bottom and all over my car. We resorted to Ariel holding the cone out the window until I could park and walk around to grab it. It was such a catastrophe that I ended up throwing most of it away.

Once we'd both finished our drinks, we walked a few more blocks down to a tourist beach shop. We both are in need of some summer clothes, so we thought we'd check out the sales racks. There were a bunch of dresses I think I might go back for, but nothing to wear on a regular basis. Ariel said there was another shop across the street from her work that usually has great sales, so we drove there. I found a tank top and comfy shorts for a mere $8!

We threw our purchases in my car and walked over to a local biker bar. Just our luck - we were the only girls in the place. We got in some good conversation time, but eventually the guys got up the courage to start bugging us. We moved from the back patio to the front patio to help avoid more conversing with strangers, but of course there were more guys up there. By that point, it was about time for me to be heading home, so we left.

I was in bed by 11, but I was POOPED the whole next day. I was so tired I felt sick. I think that I had a really busy weekend, followed by a really busy Monday night and my body just couldn't handle it anymore. I have spent the past couple of nights attempting to make up for lost time.

I think last night was the first real sleep I've had in weeks. I actually had what I call the nervous-pees before bed. I am so tired of waking up at least every other night needing to use the bathroom. So much so, that last night, I got anxious just thinking about it. I got up three times in the course of 30 minutes to use the bathroom before bed. The good news? I think it helped!

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Sara's Satire said...

OMG - I have that problem too...I call it the mom pees, because I never had that problem before I became a mom. I pee before bed, and then I lay down and 10 minutes later I need to pee again. GRRRR!