Monday, April 11, 2011


We changed our satellite arrangement this weekend. Of course, when I called to cancel they suckered me into another package. I have really enjoyed having the DVR for Aiden's shows and the thought of losing that did make my skin crawl a little. We really minimize the amount of TV Aiden watches at home, since the daycare lets him watch it so frequently (it kills me). But I have to say those television shows can be pretty convenient when I need Aiden entertained for a few minutes in the morning while I get ready, or in the evening when I need to make dinner. It's sad, but it's the truth. All I can say, is I don't do it every day.

The other draw into keeping satellite is that we've been with DirecTV for two years, which means we qualify for some things for free. (I remember signing the contract when I was pregnant with Aiden.) When we bought our HD TV, we tried to switch our satellite dish to HD. They were going to charge $300 and we just weren't willing to pay that. But now they are offering it for free!

I took them up on that offer and downgraded to the lowest family package. So now we're paying half of what we were before, but still getting the kids channels we use the most. In addition to that, we have six months of Starz and Encore for free. Since we still have the DVR, I have started recording movies. BEST OF BOTH WORLDS!

We'll probably upgrade again in the fall when football season comes around. I'm sure Travis will want to have that at his fingertips, especially now that we have HD. We've had several complaints that watching our TV makes people nauseous because the clarity of the LED is so amazing. I can only imagine what people will think now that we're actually getting HD channels! LOL!


Sara's Satire said...

We get the Starz and Encore channels for free I am just going to let you know, I record a LOT of the STARZ kids and family channel...A lot of times they have kids movies on the other channels as well. If Aiden is still interested in Toy Story, on April 16 (this Saturday) Toy Story 1, 2, and 3 will be on....I am recording all three. We have all three, but 1 & 2 are on DVD and 3 is on the computer, so this will make it easier to turn it on in his room especially at nap time! There are tons of movies...even if he isn't all that interested in some of them yet you should record them, because it wont be long before he gets to be a movie afficionado! Plus, you will be surprised to turn one on and him just sit and watch! Planet 51 is another good one and Cloudy with a chance of meatballs...I love it! LOL

Alexa said...

Lol , we'll just give Chris a Dramamine when he watches, I think it's awesome! Don't feel bad about the tv watching. One of the doctors that works with my sil is CRAZY and she doesnt let her kids watch tv. You should see those kids turn STRAIGHT into zombies when thy actually see a tv!!! They can't even socialize cause they can't stop sagging what they don't have.