Thursday, March 17, 2011

More Movies, Less TV

I don't recall if I've mentioned this yet, but Travis and I are planning to cancel our satellite TV after March Madness. We're waiting for the basketball thing to be over for Travis. Obviously. Since we rarely find the time to watch TV these days and are really far behind on all the movies that have come out since Aiden was born, we're planning to get either Netflix or Blockbuster. I'm leaning towards Netflix because I am interested in trying out the streaming video feature. We just plug the computer into the TV and voila! Instant movie!

I'm freaking out a little because AT&T's U-verse has decided to put a bandwidth cap effective in May. If AT&T is doing it, will the other Internet providers follow suit?! And if so, how will that affect the ability to stream movies on Netflix?! Ugh, decisions, decisions...

Either way, we're getting rid of our TV package in April. I will be sad to lose instant Elmo/Buzz/Blue's Clues/etc, but I should rely on TV to keep my child happy anyway. He already watches too much TV at daycare. Don't get me started on that.

This is all good timing because I have MORE movies to add to my to-watch list:
  • Paul, in theaters this weekend (those guys make me LAUGH)
  • Water for Elephants, April 22 (this one looks pretty, beyong the fact that Robert Pattinson the lead male)
  • Bridesmaids, May 13 (girl's version of Hangover, with Kristen Wiig in her first starring roll)


Sara's Satire said...

Get is really great and I love being able to put it on the TV...especially when you want to catch up on TV shows...they have alot of watch instantly shows, so you can still watch your favorites. Also, you can always stream instantly any of the elmos or blues clues, because that is all on there too. I used to do Dora and spongebob a lot! I dont know what the bandwidth cap is, but before you do anything I would just call AT&T and ask them.

Alexa said...

Seriously, how cute were the kids last night watching Toy Story? Had such a great time. Thanks for having us!!