Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Blair's Third

Friday I left Aiden at daycare and went to the beach. David, Stephanie and Wednesday were there, along with Jenn, Billy and Micah. It was nice to get a few social moments without having to chase and entertain a toddler. I haven't had any sun since last summer, so I thought I would go 30 minutes without sunscreen. (I know, I know, cancer...) I know for a fact that I can burn after just an hour on the beach, so I didn't want to go that long. Unfortunately, I didn't pay close attention to the time and forgot to apply sunscreen until I'd been out for 45 minutes. Let's just say I'm a little itchy today.

That night, we went up to the Kemah Boardwalk for dinner. We thought we'd walk around for a while, then have dinner. BIG mistake. Not only is it the first month of nice weather, but it was also spring break. The boardwalk was PACKED. We had to park really far away and walk over. Then we decided to eat first, since there was obvious a huge wait at each restaurant. Our wait was an hour long. And we had to stick around to hear our name get called. After we sat down, it took forever for the server to take our order. Then it took even longer for the actual food to come out. Our salads didn't come out until after our food did. We just sent them back.

By this point, it was 8:45. An hour past Aiden's bedtime. He was cranky. Which meant I had little time to socialize, making ME cranky. I was happy to make it out of there. Oh and we never got to walk the boardwalk.

Aiden and I headed up to the Ramby's to help set up for Blair's third birthday party Saturday morning. Travis had to work, but he met us when he was off around noon. Aiden had absolutely no interest in his lunch once he saw Blair. I let him try out the bounce house before he had to lay down for his nap.

I have had Aiden on the probiotics for a couple months now. They help, but sadly have not gotten rid of his painful poos. He still has frequent bleeders and subsequent crying. That happened during nap time this Saturday and woke the birthday boy up. Thankfully, Blair didn't seem to be cranky for his party, but the threat was constantly lurking in the back of my head.

Aiden went back to sleep after I changed his diaper and I was able to help set up for the party. It was a cute construction theme (dirt cake, construction hat and tool belt party favor, etc) and there was lots of yummy food. The bounce house was a hit. Wednesday came before the party started so she was able to get a few jumps in before the party started. The kids went NUTS over that thing. And I'm not ashamed to say I may have gone a little nuts in it too. After the big kids got worn out, I went in with Aiden, Blair and Luke.

Seriously, if I could afford to buy one of those I would. Too bad this one is only for kids under 10. =( I had a blast jumping in that thing. I couldn't stop laughing whenever I got in there. Everyone probably thought I was going crazy.

I was a little distraught after we left the party. We left around 6:30 because Aiden was really worn out. The problem was he wouldn't stop playing. He just kept going and going, like the Energizer Bunny. (Side note: I don't recall those commercials being so funny.) When we were on the car ride home, I was trying to figure out what to do with Aiden. Usually when he's worn out and cranky like that it's bed time. That was not the case here. I settled for an evening lounging on the couch watching Toy Story. Since he'd been eating all afternoon, he wasn't hungry for dinner. Instead, I set some snacks on the coffee table and let him pick at will until bedtime.

This is one of the days I left my camera at home. I took a hundred photos with Chris and Alexa's camera, so hopefully I'll be able to steal a few of those to slap up here for you.


Alexa said...

Did I mention how VERY VERY VERY thankful I am for you and your help!! YOu were a HUGE help and I have no idea how it would have gone off without a hitch without your help. You ROCK IT SISTER!

On a side note, wasen't it amazing how good ALL the kids where?! Weird...must have been the full moon.

Rachel said...

Lets talk about how awesome those energizer commericials were....

Nikki said...

@Rachel - LOL! I thought so too! They were just begging to be shared.

@Alexa - Like I said, ANYTIME! It was a lot of fun, for me anyway. ;) I didn't even think about how there weren't any fights amongst the children. You're right - AMAZING.