Friday, March 25, 2011

Salsa Garden

Travis and I have completed another step in creating our raised garden. We had to wait a few weeks between steps because Travis was limited physically after his hernia repair. Actually, he is still limited, but I can tell he's having trouble following the rules completely. As of right now, he's allowed to lift up to 30 pounds and he's supposed to be on light duty. He says he's been following the weight restriction, but not so much the light-duty part.

To prove that, he filled the back of his truck with rock and then shoveled it into a wheel barrow when he got home. Then I wheeled the wheel barrow up a 6-inch wide wooden plank (laying inside the garden in this photo) to dump it in the frame. If that wasn't a test of balance, then I don't know what is. I was a little shaky the first couple times, but I caught on pretty quickly.

It was such a pain the butt getting the rocks out of all the cracks and crevasses in the bed of the truck. While Travis was sweeping up the rocks that had fallen on the driveway, I started spreading out the rocks in the garden frame. I could barely get the shovel into the rocks, but I did my best. Travis came over and finished it for me. I was grateful since I knew it would take me hours to do what he finished in 5 minutes. No wonder he's in such great shape! I was so sore the next day. Ridiculous.

We plan to fill the garden up with a few inches of soil, then another few inches of a soil/compost/manure mixture. If this garden doesn't grow something, I'm going to be pissed. ;) We wanted to do the soil this week, but decided to save our money for a trip to visit friends this weekend. Hopefully we'll be able to do the rest next week.

Travis started growing seeds in those little containers with a greenhouse cover. There are only a few sprouts, but at least it's something. We were planning on planting a bunch of veggies that have already been started anyway. I can't wait to start tending the garden!

I also planted a bunch of flower seeds around the yard this past weekend. A few of them have already sprouted. The next test is to see how long I can keep them alive. Stupid brown thumb...

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Jenna said...

I was teaching Brian how to wheel a wheel barrow this past weekend! But his was with mulch, not as hard as with rocks!