Monday, March 14, 2011

Please be a better week

Last week was a painful one for Aiden, and therefore for me also.

He had the fever associated with his croup on Monday and he was feeling all crummy Tuesday. He didn't sleep well all week because of the barking croup cough. Somewhere during all that his top two-year molars came in. He got a bloody nose Wednesday night. I didn't even know about it until he woke up Thursday morning and had dried blood under his nose and on his sheets.

Thursday he came home with a giant splinter in the palm of his hand. His teacher tried to dig it out, but only got the tip to break off. We were going to let it try to work its way out on its own, but it was really red and inflamed Friday morning. I dug out another third of it before taking him to daycare. The rest came out on its own during his bath that night.

Saturday morning, Aiden was being cranky so I tried taking him outside. That usually cheers him up. He was doing okay until he fell off his tricycle, busted his elbow and got his very first bleeding scrape. I know there will be many more to come, but it still bothered me. I brought him inside to clean it off and put on a bandaid, but he would have NOTHING to do with that bandaid. And it had Elmo on it! I think it was just a constant reminder that his elbow hurt. I tried bringing him back outside to distract him, but that wouldn't work. Finally, I brought him inside, took off the bandaid and laid with him until he calmed down.

Saturday afternoon, he fell down and scraped his knees on the sidewalk, but thankfully there was no blood this time.

Sunday we got by without any painful episodes.

Today was our first weekday after Daylight Savings Time. Aiden was so tired that he didn't fight me at all this morning. I just had a little trouble getting him to wake up (shown above).

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Sara's Satire said...

Poor guy! and Poor you! I am sorry it was such a rough week....this week is sure to be better!