Wednesday, March 9, 2011

These molars are killing me

The chitlin has been quite the handful lately. For the past several weeks he has been nothing but cranky. Lots and lots of crying. It was to the point that I was wondering if we were doing something wrong.

By the end of Christmas break, Aiden was just like this. I assumed that he was overwhelmed by so many people being in his personal space. I was starting to wonder if that was the deal again with Brenda staying at our house, but it didn't quite make sense to me. Brenda is only one person and she's not a in-your-face type of person.

Now I am convinced that Aiden's bad behavior and attitude can be attributed to teething! And croup.

He has been chewing on his fingers like crazy for the past week. I swear I checked his gums on Monday and nothing new was there. But today, when I was getting him out of the back seat for daycare, I noticed some new teeth poking through the gums! Two top molars (his first real molars to emerge) are working their way out. They aren't out all the way though, so there's still some more cranky attitude time ahead of us.

I know it would be horrible for him, but sometimes I just wish all his teeth would come out at the same time, like Kate's did. It would be a miserable couple of months, but then it would be over. Instead, we have to deal with an already independent, and therefore difficult at times, child who has been teething for over a year now.

He still has a gap on the bottom where his canines should go. IT NEVER ENDS.

As for the croup, he seems to be getting much better. The doctor said it usually lasts for 5 to 6 days. He started coughing Saturday night, so that means it should be over soon. We had a good morning yesterday, but the evening was horrific. Travis wondered aloud how I had dealt with him all day long when he was already frustrated after 15 minutes of being home. Thankfully, he wasn't like that the entire day.

I'm thinking I deserve a trip to the chiropractor this week...


Rachel said...

You're killing me Smalls!!!!!

ps- I need a trip to the chiropractor :)

Alexa said...

Ahhh, poor little man! The molars are HORRIBLE.

Sara's Satire said...

Hahaha....I was extrememly lucky that teething hasn't been a real issue with either of my kids...although Landry seems to be more cranky and needy than Logan was. I know that its tough, my kids pretty much have an attitude with or without teething! LOL
Landry has her top four teeth and her bottom four...and then two molars on top and two on bottom - but none of her canines...Logan had all of his teeth at a year old and his two year molars by 18 months...Its just wierd how different they are!
At least Travis recognizes that he gets frustrated after 15 minutes and that you deal with A LOT. JR comes home, gets frustrated, and just closes himself off...he goes to his room and ignores it until I take care of everything. It gets to be overwhelming sometimes. I am trying to learn to be a better communicator - but its tough!
Miss Priss has developed a lovely new attitude - she is really playing into the whole "princess" thing. She wants what she wants...right then and there. She has gone from this laid back, independent little girl to this outspoken, demanding, needy little toot! LOL
As a parent, there is a motto that we all have to learn..."and this too shall pass!" Just remember that no matter how rough it gets, it will be over soon - too soon - they will be on to the next stage and you will be sitting there thinking, "where did the time go - he was just teething and now he's playing baseball. What happened to my little toddler - he is a boy now!" I know that in the moment its frustrating and hard, but just remind yourself that it doesn't last forever and you will get through it!
And yes, treat yourself - chiropractor, a massage, a movie with friends, dinner with your husband, even just an hour to lock yourself in your room and be "off duty - no disturbing mommy!" You'll need it more than ever as Aiden approaches 2! LOL

Sara's Satire said...

I take it back...its easy to say that you should try to enjoy every moment (even the rough ones) when your kids are being great....and in honesty, it is a great theory. But when your kid is crying and wont stop no matter what you do...and its been hours, and the only time the baby is quiet is when they are all goes out the window! All you want is a break, just a small window where your little one reverts back to his/her "real" self and smiles and giggles again!
Just wanted to let you know that I feel ya! I know the sun will rise tomorrow, I know that she will stop crying EVENTUALLY, I know it will get better - as I am sure you know this too...but for now - its just HARD! and terribly annoying...I feel so badly for her - obviously she is it sucks to not be able to help her, but it also sucks to be the one to deal with it ALL DAY LONG! LOL
I still love her more than anything - and I wouldn't trade being a mom - but dang...these are the days I wish JR was here to take care of the kids! These are the days where I think...hmmm - can't wait to send her to school! Then I feel horrible for even thinking those thoughts! Ughh being a mom is such an emotional roller coaster!
I truly meant for my earlier comment to be inspiring...but once Landry starting fussing non-stop - I went back and read it, and it just sounded I hope you didn't take it that way...I hope you read it the way I meant it - encouraging and uplifting. But if you read it the way I just did - condescending and arrogant - I am so sorry...I really didnt mean it that way!
Good Luck with Aiden and the teething...I hope it gets better soon.

Nikki said...

I did not think it was condescending at all! Just hopeful. We just keep on truckin...