Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Night in Houston

Saturday we left Aiden with Brenda for the night and headed into Houston for a friend's birthday dinner. Jenn wanted to try out a hibachi place near her house called Benihana. We left the house a little early so we could run by the mall and pick up a thank-you/birthday gift for both Jenn and Billy. They have given us so many hand-me-downs for Aiden and all we've done is bought them dinner once.

The show at dinner was pretty good. It was nice to see them and our other friends Miraj and Veronica. We don't make it up to Houston often enough to visit those guys.

The table next to ours was driving me insane by the end of the night though. Once we had gotten our bill, I went to the bathroom and waited outside because I couldn't stand to listen to one more complaint. The tables snugly-fit eight adults. This table had 11 females. The oldest one couldn't have been over 19. The youngest was a baby. Everything they ordered was a special order. Instead of picking the zucchini out of her food, one of the older ones requested hers not have any zucchini. Another one ordered her sushi without avocado. At one point, one of the girls jibber-jabbered something at the waitress like she was acting like she was speaking Japanese. The waiter didn't understand, so she said, "What?" and leaned over waiting for her to reply.

It was so rude, I couldn't stand it. One thing after another. They had the manager over there and everything. They were seated immediately after we were. Because of all their complaints and special orders, their show hadn't even started by the time we paid our bill and left. It was exasperating.

After dinner, we went to a bar for a little while. Since I was driving (Travis still isn't allowed to drive), we had to leave by 12:30. I fall asleep easily at the wheel after dark. Hell, I'm really good at doing that during the day too, if I'm driving long enough.

We had a really good weekend, right up til we fell asleep Saturday night. Sunday went downhill pretty quickly. I think I may have had the flu. I felt achy and weak all day Sunday and Monday. I slept most of the afternoon on Sunday, but had to go to work Monday. I had too much to do and it didn't feel right taking time off again so soon. Especially on a busy day. But I laid down as soon as I got home Monday after work. It felt like my body weighed a ton. I could barely hold myself up.

Tuesday I felt better, but was still dragging a bit. Today I'm back to my normal self!

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