Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Summertime is Here

I didn't let Aiden's pain hold us back from a full weekend. Saturday afternoon I went to a couples baby shower for Kathryn, a girlfriend from college.

When I moved down here from Illinois, I didn't know anyone except for Travis. To remedy this, I joined the Sailing Club at TAMUG. The first person to befriend me was Kathryn. We hung out for the remainder of our time at A&M. Since we graduated, our lives caught up with us and we only got around to seeing each other once or twice a year.

She has a new house since I last went to her home. It was great to see where her and her husband are living. I was really impressed with the neighborhood. It is a gated community with its very own golf course and cul de sacs aplenty.

Travis worked all weekend, so he didn't go to the shower with us. I got to catch up with one of Kathryn's friends and I was surprised to see one of Rachel's friends there too. I ate BBQ and cupcakes while Aiden ran around with the other kids. He made occasional trips back to me for a bite of mac and cheese or cupcake here and there.

Kathryn and Blake (and Kathryn's mom):

I was a little conflicted on what to do about Aiden's interest in adults. He went up to every guy in the living room and either climbed up on their lap, opened his mouth for a bite of their food, or pulled on their pant leg until they squatted down to have a chat. I love that he is being a social butterfly (even if it was only with the guys), but I don't know if it's bothering the other person or if I should teach Aiden to be more leery of strangers.

I think this is the first time we've gone to a party with kids we didn't know. He got along with them so well. I was ecstatic. I suppose he gets lots of practice playing with multiple children at once at daycare. But I was surprised to see him playing with other children; as opposed to along side other children.

He ran around with three older kids most of the time (between 2 and 5 years old), but the child that seemed to intrigue him the most was a baby boy around 11 months old. He was still crawling, but he could pull himself up on furniture. Aiden kept squatting down next to the ottoman the baby was hanging on to play peekaboo. It gave me hope for our next child.

Sunday morning we went to Ariel and Robert's to celebrate Robert's birthday. I got there before Aiden's nap, so I could help out while he was sleeping. They grilled corn and a couple different meats. I brought Greek pasta salad. Mmmm... Oh and there was watermelon too! For dessert, Robert requested a fruit pizza. Ariel was unable to find Cool Whip, so we had to made due with whipped cream. It turned out really well! I love the summertime.

Those yellow flowers behind this fantastic beer holder are the result of unpicked broccoli (similar to lettuce).

Travis came over as soon as he got off work - somewhere around 2 o'clock I think. A couple of Robert's friends came over soon after that. We ate fruit pizza and enjoyed a glass of champagne with frozen grapes. We got caught up watching the news coverage of the horrific footage of Japan. I am thoroughly distressed that they are continuing to have aftershocks that are larger are still considered large earthquakes. I found this article about how the earthquake affected the planet very interesting.

Besides that, it was a nice afternoon.

That evening, we went to watch Ariel and Robert play softball. Travis is not playing this "season" because of his surgery. I haven't gone to a game in so long because it got to be too hard to chase Aiden around. I was thoroughly surprised that Aiden sat happily between his dad and I through the whole game. He spent the first half eating an entire giant slice of pizza and drinking out of a big boy cup. Second half he seemed content to just sit between us.

I think if I could have Travis sitting with me I would go to more games. I would still give it a try if Travis was playing. I don't know if it was Travis' presence or the fact that he is older and 'more mature' these days. I'll give it another try, that's for sure!


Sara's Satire said...

Awww, congratulations to Kathryn and Blake...I didn't know they were expecting!
As far as Aiden sitting still - I hate to tell you but that was probably because Travis was with you..I guarantee that if you try aggain on your own - you will spend the evening chasing him! lol

Nikki said...

Ya, that's what I was leaning towards. That said, even if he does run around, it will be easier now since he has gotten much better at stairs. I always had to be within arms reach of him before, but I probably won't need to do that now. Hooray for child-independence!