Monday, March 7, 2011

Wine and a Movie

This was Brenda's last weekend in town. Friday night, I went to see Gnomeo and Juliet with Rachel and a few of her friends. It was pretty cute. My favorite character, BY FAR, was the flamingo. Whom I never saw in any of the previews, by the way.

While I was at the movie Brenda, Travis and Aiden went to the Kemah Boardwalk. Aiden got to pet the sting rays, ride the train and see all the fish in the aquariums.

For dinner, they went to a seafood restaurant. Brenda wanted to get some fresh seafood before she left the area. Here's Aiden saying "Cheeeeeeesssseeee...."

They said Aiden did REALLY good the entire time. He didn't throw a single fit. Which for him, is huge. He's been nothing but cranky for the past couple of weeks. I keep expecting a tooth to pop through his gums somewhere. He keeps chewing on his fingers in the back. He has yet to get in his bottom canines, but I have a feeling his 2-year molars might come in first. Why does teething have to be so unbearable?

Saturday we went to the local winery, Haak Vineyards and Winery, in the afternoon. Jenna and her daughter Jandi met us there, along with Aiden's babysitter Sue and her family. Half of us did a tour of the winery while the other half sat at a table outside with a bottle of wine. When the tour was over, we grabbed some wine and cheese of our own and headed out to the covered seating.

After the winery, we headed to Olive Garden for dinner. It seemed only fitting that we have Italian for dinner after an afternoon of wine.

Saturday, throughout the night, Aiden developed a barking cough. It went away for the most part after he woke up. We dropped Brenda off at the airport in the morning and continued on to Ikea in Houston. We really want to up our storage space in the house, so we went in search of bigger and better things. More on this too come...


Sara's Satire said...

We took the kids to see that movie on Valentine's Day...I thought it was really cute as well. I liked the flamingo. Our anniversary is in 10 days, and JR and I just started talking about it this morning. I asked him what he wanted to do, and he said we could take the kids to see Rango...I was like, ummmm....we can we try for a babysitter and celebrate just the two of us?? LOL I love including our kids in things, but I do miss having something to ourselves...I mean one night a year?? Come on, that's not too much to ask for, right? He said I was right, so hopefully my parents can watch the kids - because I dont trust my sister.
I hope Aiden gets to feeling better soon. Maybe he wasn't feeling well and that is why he was cranky? How is Travis doing?
We can't wait to see you guys...I have a room all set for yall...I still have to buy a comforter and some pillows for the bed, but it's all set!

Nikki said...

Oh I forgot to finish that thought about Aiden. The cough got worse Sunday night and when he woke up this morning he was wheezing horribly. I have an appointment set up for this afternoon, in case he needs steroids or something to calm his breathways. This could have something to do with his bad mood lately. It sucks that he can't tell me when stuff is bothering him. I have to wait for full blown symptoms before I even know there's a problem!

I am 100% on board with kid-free dates with the spouse. It really helps to keep in touch with your significant other. It sucks when you have to rely on paid sitters because that means less trips out. We are so lucky to have Sue, since we don't have family around to help us out like that.

I'm really excited to come see you guys too! If you can't get a comforter or pillows by then, don't worry. We can bring our own so you don't have to go out of your way for us. =D

Brenda said...

Aiden was great at the boardwalk and a perfect gentleman at dinner. Maybe it was the nice weather and the distractions!

Who knew Texas could grow wine grapes? Huh!

I should have know that Travis took a picture of the ray tank; darn good thing I "coerced" him into deleting that video of me outside swiveling my hips: er... I meant hula hooping, or at least attempting to do so!

I miss you all! XOXOXO

Sara's Satire said...

Well, he took some initiative and texted my mom...he asked her if she could babysit, and if she would come here to do it so that the kids dont get off schedule. She agreed but said it would have to be Saturday night because that is the day she has off...So...yay! He came home yesterday to tell me, I was so impressed with him for texting my mom and taking care of the details on his own!
You are very lucky to have someone who you can trust to watch your baby...I trust my parents, but my mom works overnight shifts and I never know what days she works because it changes every week. Plus I feel guilty asking because they already have to watch Randi's kids day in and day out...they are supposed to be the grandparents...not the secondary parents. I DO NOT trust my sister...she just can't be counted on, and now that her drug and alcohol use has accelerated...I dont want her near my kids.
I am sure I will have a comforter by then...and most likely pillows, but I will let you know!

Nikki said...

Brenda, I'm actually pretty bummed I missed the hula hooping. Next time! ;)

Brenda said...


All I can say regarding the hula hooping? Good thing he was recovering from surgery AND I knew he didn't delete it. I'd have taken him down! Snort!

AND? So happy you had the opportunity to see a movie with friends; and yes...

Date night? a definite Y-E-S!

Love to you all... <3