Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Making Room

I am starting to freak out a little at the idea of adding another human to this house. We have 1300 sq ft of space, 3 bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms. We have yet to finish remodeling the guest bedroom (on the other side of the new kitchen wall). We still need to finish the wall and build closets. Our plan is to get that finished before we have the next kid, which will hopefully be within the next year or so.

The sooner we finish it the better. We want to move Aiden into that room and keep Aiden's current room as the nursery for the new baby. I would like to move him into his new room BEFORE the baby comes so that he doesn't have too many changes all at once.

Our main problem after all of this is that we will no longer have guest space. I like that we have always had room for people to stay at our house. Since all of our family lives out of Texas, I want to make it as cheap as possible for them to come visit us as often as possible. Forcing them into a hotel will not make their trips more frequent.

I guess we could always blow up the air mattress on the floor of the nursery. And we have a couch and a love seat in the living room. I really like our couches, but maybe we should look into a couch with a pull out bed?

Enough stressing for the moment! Let's look at all the fun stuff we got for our OWN bedroom! We got two HUGE dressers to use as nightstands and we splurged on a new bed. We found some drawers that roll under the bed and they matched this really cute headboard. So we just got it all. We found a bed that had an insane amount of storage space built into it, but it only came in white lacquer. That's just a little too modern for the bedroom I'd like to have so we passed on all the glorious storage.

[Side note: The doctor diagnosed Aiden with croup. He was relaxing and watching Elmo in our room. Treatment is warm mist and liquids. We are alternating ibuprofen and acetaminophen to hold back the fever and we gave him Benadryl last night to help him sleep. As long as his difficulty breathing doesn't get worse, then we don't have any prescription meds to give him.]

We threw out the really old nightstand (it was falling apart) that we had by the rocking chair and moved my ex-nightstand in it's place. We moved Travis' ex-nightstand into the pile of furniture that we call the guest room.

We'd like to eventually get another larger dresser to replace one we currently have. And we also plan to get another cube bookcase to put in Aiden's bedroom. It has so much storage capability for a great price!

Our goal is to clean out the giant computer desk we have in the guest room and get rid of it. It is huge and bulky and we don't even use it for the computer anymore. We only have a laptop, so it gets moved around the house to where ever we need it. I plan to throw out a lot of what lies in those drawers and cabinets, but there is some stuff I'd like to keep. Like all my crafts, and of course, our bills. Maybe I could put my crafts in that now-empty nightstand by the rocking chair in our bedroom?

I'm rambling. This post has turned into a drawing board of ideas. I wish I could do all this stuff faster so my brain could stop thinking about it. Unfortunately, it took us half a day, just to put together all that stuff from Ikea. This is not a quick process, no matter how much I will it to be so.


Alexa said...

I'm hurt!! You never called me to assemble your Ikea stuff!! YOU KNOW THAT IS MY FAVORITE! LOL...Love the stuff, obviously! We have those dressers as well!

Sara's Satire said...

I am just like you...I start getting overloaded with ideas, and I get so excited that I want it done immediately...unfortunately I can't ever afford to do it quickly! LOL So I try to write it all down otherwise by the time I can afford, I have forgotten why I saved the money to begin with! LOL
If you want some Ideas for having people stay the night or week with you...You have that futon in Aiden's room - So, you could always move the travel crib or a smaller bed into your room while company stays with you and use the futon and a blow up mattress plus the guest room for visitors..this is for when you just have Aiden. If at this point you have two babies, You can keep Aiden in his room (if he will let someone sleep in his room - you could put a blow-up in there...maybe he could snuggle with uncle Alex?) Then put your travel crib and new baby in your room...then in the nursery you will still have the futon and maybe another blow up. Then of course you have the couch. Now - you also have to think that with Ariel living so close, there is a little more room...just pretend she is your guest house! LOL Or...you may just need to get a bigger house! HAHA

Nikki said...

Alexa, I totally forgot that you LIKE to put that stuff together. Travis and I were discussing your IKEA kitchen as we were putting everything together. I only helped put together the drawers and that took a whole afternoon with TWO of us! It's a big to-do! Travis said Zach HATES IKEA stuff because he said if there is ever a fire, they won't have a chance to get out before the IKEA papermill goes up in flames. LOL! I like it though. Especially for those prices!