Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sometimes Travis makes me laugh

While reading Sesame Street books just before bed the other night, Travis contemplated the origin of Oscar with Aiden:
"Is Oscar a grouch because he lives in a trash can? Or does he live in a trash can because he's a grouch?"

Three weeks after his hernia repair, we are sitting on the couch with my feet in his lap:

He sneezes.

The sneeze sprays all over my feet because he makes NO EFFORT to cover his mouth.

He immediately says, "Ow." I guess it still hurts. =/



Sara's Satire said...

bwahahahaha! Men are so strange. JR always has these oddball comments. Its as if they just think about something and share...which is always good for a laugh, but I think these random things all the time...I just keep them to myself! LOL

Rachel said...

I didn't know Travis was such an existentialist :). Oh, and yes...Cover your mouth Travis!

Brenda said...

Did he do the voices? One must do the voices correctly when reading Sesame Street!

And to think; he didn't cover his mouth. You'd think his mother taught him better than that; apparently not.

Nikki said...

Brenda, he does an EXCELLENT immitation of the Count.

Rachel, I think the extent of Travis' existentialism is with Sesame Street. ;)