Friday, March 4, 2011

The Colorful Corner

Travis and I have been meaning to get something to help store Aiden's toys that are out in the living room. I want them to stay out there so he can get to them whenever he wants, but I didn't want a pile of toys in the corner. We finally decided on this from Home Depot:

It's a 9-cube shelf with four canvas drawers. Travis organized it so that all the balls are in one drawer, all the musical toys are in a second and the trucks in a third. We'll see how long that lasts. I'm very happy with it so far. The best part is we have a place to set all his toys while we vacuum!

PS - Travis put the foam mat together like that. I would never put it together out of numerical order. ;)


Sara's Satire said...

I like it!!! We have big storage bins...the kind you store your sweaters in during the summer - I went through Logans toys a few month ago and donated TWO trashbags full of toys...then I decided to do it again a couple of days ago...this time I was much more picky and I bagged up another bag and a half! I put all his cars/transformers into one bin, all his tools in another, and in the third I put all his characters...hulk, iron man, super man, spider man, etc...Last night I told the kids to pick up - and they all just ended up in one bin! LOL oh well! at least they picked up.
I love that you would have put the mat together in nemerical's really great when you start to work with can show him each one...then let him stand on the number you call out. once he gets good at that you call them out of order and he has to find it. Logan and I used to do this, it helped him learn his numbers and it was fun for him!

Brenda said...


No comment on either! Bwaaahaaahaaa!