Friday, May 6, 2011

Another yard critter documented

Some more from my time in the yard:

The tiniest grasshopper... Look closely...

Remember those alien fingers I posted before?

Well, they turned into full-blown, fresh, new palm fronds:

Future home of our new patio:

Travis finished puting in the form boards last night and leveled the soil. The next step is getting a truck load of rock and sand to lay underneath the pavers. We are hoping to borrow a soil tamper from our neighbor, who just laid a patio in his backyard. If not, we'll just go buy one. It's cheaper than renting a compactor and we won't be rushing to finish in a weekend to avoid further rental charges.

Turns out our project might get postponed a bit. We are going to continue the patio, but the stucco wall might not get done as soon as we'd hoped. My dad was supposed to come down to help us build it this month, but work got out of control and now he probably can't come until the end of June. The good news is that takes some of the strain off Travis' shoulders because he was pushing to finish the patio before my dad came. Now he has a little more time to do so. Which is excellent since this weekend is Mother's Day and we have lots of plans, and the following weekend we will be in Houston for Micah's birthday party.

My dad offered to mail us the money so we could start working on the fence, but Travis doesn't have any experience with textured exterior walls. It would be nice if my dad could be here for that, not only for advice, but for the labor as well.

I'll tell you one thing, wall or not, as soon as that patio is down, I'm sitting on it.

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