Thursday, May 5, 2011

I've got a ticket so ride with me

Aiden's transition into the new daycare has been a roller coaster. When Travis picked him up Monday night, the teacher said he did great all day. Tuesday morning, I sat with him for 15 minutes before leaving and he handled it like a champ. The teachers said he did good again that afternoon.

Wednesday morning he screamed and cried and did NOT want me to go. I told him I loved him and that he would be fine and I left. When I picked him up that afternoon, the teachers said he did not do well that afternoon. They said just about everything would set him off crying. We've seen the same attitude at home.

I'm not sure if this attitude problem is the daycare transition or if it's because he's sick. We've been wrestling with either allergies or a severe cold (congestion and cough) in the House of Ward for the past week. Travis had it first, but then I got it 10-fold. I almost completely lost my voice Tuesday night. Aiden has a cough and I can tell his voice is not at full strength. I'm going to give him some Motrin before school today to see if that helps at all.

I took a few photos of Aiden playing in the sprinkler last week and wanted to share...

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