Friday, May 27, 2011

New Beginnings

Travis got a new job! He really enjoyed working with the guys at the small business he's worked with for the past 6 years (aside from that year stint at the plant), but he had plateaued at that job. There were only five employees there, plus the boss. There was no where for him to move up to, aside from taking over the company. And since three of the boss' sons work for him, the chances of that are really slim.

He also really wanted to find an employer that could offer him benefits that only come with bigger companies. There is a guy that he used to work with that moved to a company north of where we live, so Travis decided to give him a call and see if he liked it there. The friend said it was one of the best jobs he's had and that he could easily get Travis a position there if he wanted to make the move.

Travis decided to go for it. He talked to this friend last Friday morning. He had an interview with the Master Electrician Saturday morning. After two hours of talking, the interviewer said he could have the job assuming that he still wanted to take it and he was able to pass a few checks, including a drug test. Travis' response?

In his best beach bum accent, "Coooolll... What drugs will I be testing?"

No joke. He really said that. In the first interview. And the guy still asked him to come work for them! I suppose when Travis passes the drug test (which he definitely will), that will soothe any qualms they had about him actually being a pothead or something. But still. TRAVIS. Gah.

He signed papers giving them permission to do a background check and to check his driving record on Monday afternoon. They called on Wednesday to say he had the job as long as he could pass the drug test. He did that Thursday morning. Assuming they get the results this week, he'll be starting with the new company on Tuesday!! Wahoo!

The main drawback is that he is taking a small pay cut initially. Eventually he can get raises back to where he was at the last place. Luckily, they have various incentives that might make up the difference, like bonuses, benefits and they even have their work clothes dry cleaned weekly! That's two less loads of laundry to be done at home. I'm actually really excited about that last part because I always feel like I'm competing with Travis for the washer and dryer. That boy does laundry two to three days a week! (He does his own laundry, I do mine.)

Another fun part? Travis will have a three-day weekend! I can't remember the last time he was home for one of these. He usually works holidays like these and most of the time he works the Saturday too.

His new hours might take a little getting used to in the beginning. He will work longer during the week. BUT! He will only have to work one Saturday a month!

Travis' first month will be a sort of training period. He'll ride along with another guy and learn how they do paperwork and when they use the radio (which he didn't have at the last job). After that, he'll have his own truck and will be doing most work on his own. I hope he likes it!


Sara's Satire said...

Nikki, that is awesome! Where does he have to drive to everyday?
Really excited for you guys! Although, I still wish you would get a job a sea world and then yall could move up here! LOL

Patrick said...

Good for y'all!

The initial "pay cut" hopefully will be made up by the other perks.

Good luck!

Nikki said...

Thanks guys! Sara, he will be driving to League City daily, but there is actually a 40-mile service radius. That means he'll be driving ALL over (Pearland, Santa Fe, Galveston, etc).