Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day on the Beach

Every year on the Saturday before Mother's Day, we go to the beach. In 2009, when I was pregnant, we went with the Ramby's and in 2008 and 2010 we went with the Luck's. This year, we met the Luck's again and brought Jenna with her two kids.

We were good about applying sunscreen the moment we got everything set up on the beach (canopy, tent, tables, chairs, toys and food). In the end, I forgot to apply any sunscreen to my scalp, so it is scorched. And I forgot to reapply to my back, so that's a little tender as well today. Sara was rocking a serious tan before even setting foot in the sand:

Jenna's son Brian and Sara's son Logan put their shovel hands together to create a castle city:

Aiden was not interested in getting into the water at first, but after watching Logan and a couple other boys playing he hopped right in. I finally had to pull him out after about 30 minutes because he was so cold. He was purple all over and shivering, but he really wanted to keep playing.

There was so much seaweed on the beach. I cleared a path through the dried algae so I could get back and forth without having that stinky nastiness crunching underfoot. The cool thing about the seaweed though, was a couple of the girls found a nudibranch floating amongst the debris. I was talking to a guy at work about that this morning and he said there were tons of them in the seaweed. He freaked out and thought they were leaches though. LOL!

Here were all the girls in our group on Saturday, plus Aiden and minus Landry.

Travis and Jenna, enjoying some fun in the sun...

Travis and the newly thinned out JR...

JR has lost over 80 pounds through diet so far. Sara recently blogged about it, so check out the photos she posted over there.

Jandi is always so great with Aiden.

The best part about the trip to the beach this year, was Aiden's ability to entertain himself and follow the bigger kids around. The worst part was that he got really cranky an hour and a half after his normal nap time, so we tried to lay him down in his travel crib in the tent. He wouldn't have anything to do with it. He cried for about 30 minutes and then sat and talked to himself for another 30. Eventually we just got him back out. At least he sat down and took a break. It was the only time I was really able to get him to eat or drink anything.

Around dinner time, we headed over to the Luck's rental house to shower. It was a great rental house. I'll have to get the number from them if we can come up with a reason to rent a house on the beach. They had travel size soaps and shampoo and toothpaste for the bathrooms. Toilet paper was stocked and they had bath and kitchen towels available. There was a really cute outdoor seating area, complete with radio/CD player and speakers. If you can fill it with a few families, then it is totally worth the price!

Unfortunately for us, Aiden learned how to climb out of his travel crib while we were at their house. We couldn't just lock him in the room because he figured out how to turn the door knob as well. Finally, I broke down and just let him come outside with us. The problem was he wanted to walk all over the place and all I wanted to do with sit and relax. After about 15 minutes of that, I gave up. Travis and I locked Aiden in his car seat and got on the road home.

We got Aiden in bed around 8:30 pm. That's an hour past his normal bedtime without a daytime nap. I think he did pretty good with the lack of sleep. I was more frustrated with his activity level than anything else. All-in-all, it was a great day though!

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