Monday, May 12, 2008

Congrats JR & Sara!!

First off, a belated Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there!!

JR proposed to Sara on Friday! Sara knew that he was going to get the ring, so she was very disappointed when he got home and said he couldn't get it. They had plans to go out and had an all night babysitter so Sara was ready to get going. Her frustration of no ring exaggerated her frustration of trying to get everyone out the door. With all these distractions, she didn't notice that Logan was carrying around a ring box until he threw it at her. Lol! As soon as she picked it up she knew what it was and her evening was made! She had the perfect opportunity to show it off on their night out.

Saturday we went to the beach so JR and his siblings could celebrate Mother's Day with their mom. I stopped by for a few hours (and didn't even get burnt!) and got a few photos of Sara and JR's happy family (and the new rock!).

Life is good. Newly engaged.

The ring.

Still not sure if Logan is giving his cousin kisses or a bite? Kids...

15-week-old Dexter: Sara's Mother's Day present.

PS - Obviously, I got my camera back! Actually, they were unable to repair it so they just gave me a new one. Thank goodness for Service Plans!!!

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