Monday, May 5, 2008

Travis Drama Update

It turns out that the insurance adjuster just took the truck on Friday. We won't know for about a week what the verdict is on whether or not we'll keep it. Travis is hoping it will be totaled because he's worried that they won't notice something, like a cracked block, that will cause us trouble down the line. He's already been looking up trucks online. Ha! My hope is that if it does get totaled out, there will be some money leftover to go towards a down payment on a new vehicle. Travis is confident that we'll get something. I just worry about everything. Well, here's the damage:

I still don't understand how the truck he ran into ended up ON Travis' hood. That big dent above the right blinker is where the tire was sitting. Travis said he and a couple other guys had to lift it off so the tow truck could get to it. Crazy. Here's hoping for a better week than last!!

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