Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Numero Quatro

This past Saturday I went to crawfish boil number four of this season. It was a wedding reception for JR's older sister, Lacy. Her and her husband were married in Las Vegas a few months ago and decided to have a party back home to celebrate with their friends and family. Lucky for me, I'm a friend of a family member. I carpooled with JR and Sara on the hour drive to get there. Sadly, it was cloudy almost the entire time we were there. It was supposed to be warm and sunny so that everyone could swim in the pool. I really wanted to get in (I love pools), but there were too many kids for it to be any fun. It seemed like everyone there had a child between the age of three and 13. The crawfish was good and spicy, straight from the first pot. There were also plenty of appetizers and of course, the wedding cake (and cookies) for dessert.

This is a photo of Lacy and I. You can tell by the look on my face that I am confident that there is smoke coming out of my mouth. Their friend brought two of these tables - they were awesome. They are made specifically for eating crawfish. The top was made out of metal for easy clean up and there were two squares cut out so that trash bags could be placed underneath. That way you could just throw away the shells and corn cobs as you ate. Wow. They mean serious business when it comes to crawfish.

JR threw Logan in the water until his lips turned blue. Poor kiddo! None of the adults wanted to get in the water because it was too cold.

Lacy and JR's other sister Brittany passed around this wonderful dessert. It was a strawberry that had been soaked in Kahlua and partially hollowed out so that it could be filled with a shot of Amaretto and topped with whipped cream. Delicious. I definitely plan on trying that at home.

On the ride home from the crawfish boil, JR got a call from his friends Ashley and Scott. They invited us to meet them at the Strawberry Festival just outside of Houston. We went up there and had a couple drinks, but I didn't have a single strawberry! Bummer. At least I got the dessert at Lacy's!

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