Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Full Day, Part 1

Travis is still in the middle of a shutdown at work. Right now he is working 10-hour shifts, seven days a week. It's not as horrible as the first time Travis did this when he worked 12-hour shifts, seven days a week. Talk about yuck! I'm glad I actually get to spend time with him in the evenings this time. On Sunday, Travis asked if I would bring him, and the three other guys who were working this weekend, lunch. I tried to go to this little fast food drive thru place, but it was closed for Mother's Day. What?! It's Mother's Day. Not Christmas. Instead, I went to Whataburger. I don't know if someone forgot to thaw the hamburger patties or what, but I had a 30-minute wait for our food. Along with EVERYONE ELSE IN THE RESTAURANT. I really just don't like Whataburger. I was getting worried I wouldn't get the food to the guys before their lunch hour was over, but I made it in pretty good time.

Sadly, I am not allowed in the plant so I could not eat with them. I figured this was a good thing because I had a kajillion errands to run and eating in the car got me on the move. I should not be allowed to eat in the Murano. As I was picking up my "bucket" of Coke, the top popped off and somehow I managed to spill the soda ALL OVER the front seat/steering wheel/center console. Ahhh! Coke is NOT GOOD for leather. I swerved off the road and jumped out to throw all the ice out. Luckily, I keep a bunch of napkins in the glove compartment for just such an occasion so I was able to clean up the liquid. But still, everything was sticky. After the car was taken care of I looked down at myself and realized that the right leg of my white sweatpants was saturated with cold, brown soda. Lovely. I made a detour back home to eat in the safety of my own dining room, threw my pants in the washer before it stained and washed everything in the car.

I feel like my entire Sunday consisted of me rushing from one place to another, only to be forced to wait for whatever I needed. After the Whataburger fiasco, I had to sit at Verizon for 30 minutes while I waited for my turn. My cell phone was broken, but it turns out it there were a few loose screws on the inside, so the repair process was quick. Then I went and sat at Jared's for 30-minutes while they filled out all my paperwork for my ring inspection and rhodium plating. Since it was Mother's Day, our rings weren't ready for pick-up that day. We had plans for last night so I won't make it back to pick them up until tonight. =(

After all the waiting, I finally got to do something fun: PetSmart! I've been meaning to get there for weeks, but between Travis working the shutdown and his accident I haven't had a chance. Callaway was in dire need of some new toys. He is an aggressive chewer so I have to make sure to get him durable toys that he can't tear into a million pieces in five minutes. Bear with me for a sec, I'm going to talk pets... I bought three toys - one you can fill with water and freeze for outdoors, one is the everlasting Kong Ball and one is a toy you fill with treats so they have to figure out how to get them out. I also have been meaning to get elevated feeder. One, because Callaway is a medium size dog and I worry about the long term effects of having to lean down to eat. And two, because Bella keeps peeing in his water bowl. What better way to avoid this than to put it out of reach?! Callaway tends to be skittish about new objects in the house. The elevator feeder did not escape this fear. We've had to coax him to the food bowl since we got the thing so that he doesn't starve to death. I hope he gets over this soon. He's a finicky eater as it is. I guess when he gets hungry enough he'll risk being attacked by his feeder.

Of course, when I tried to get a photo of him sniffing the dish from three feet away Travis put his key in the lock of the front door so Callaway was immediately on the alert. The other products I purchased, that I've been meaning to do for months, are grass spot treatment and yard deodorizer. Callaway always pees in the same spot and the low pH is killing our grass. Plus, we don't clean his poo out of our yard as often as we should. I'm hoping the yard deodorizer spray will take care of this nasty aroma. When the elderly couple lived in the house next door before Sara and JR, I didn't worry about it too much. They rarely came outside. Now that a young couple with a baby have moved in, I feel bad that they have to put up with our dog's waste. Maybe now I'll be willing to eat dinner outside every now and then. It's hard to eat your chicken kabobs with the lingering stench of crap hanging around.

Getting too long. To Be Continued...


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