Friday, May 16, 2008

Carnivorous Cravings

Last night we had JR and Sara over for JR's birthday dinner. His birthday was actually this past Tuesday and we were originally going to make the dinner for him on Monday (Travis plays softball on Tuesdays and JR plays on Wednesdays). When Sara's family found out it was JR's birthday, they decided to stay an extra day and take them out for dinner on Monday. Therefore, our dinner was postponed until last night (Thursday). Got it? Good. Travis grilled steaks and potatoes on the grill, while I sauteed asparagus on the stove. The worst part of delaying the meal is I had to drool over those steaks every time I opened our fridge. Its strange because I rarely eat or want red meat, but when I do, I want it something fierce. Maybe I'm deficient in iron when that happens?

After dinner, we had dessert and discussed their wedding and honeymoon plans. I baked a giant chocolate chip cookie and attempted to write "Happy B-day JR" on top in icing. Turned out I was only capable of fitting "JR" on top. Lol! We took a break for a minute and kept Dexter and Callaway company outside. Then Sara broke out the game of Cranium. So fun. I suck at it, but its still awesome. I'm hoping we'll try Taboo next time. Another fave.

Logan is growing up so fast. I always remember my parents' friends telling me that same thing and thinking, "No I'm not! I feel like I'll never grow up fast enough!" Silly kids. I think that Logan is actually a little ahead of schedule when it comes to a lot of things though. He started walking at 10 months old and he's already starting to talk. A sampling of his vocabulary includes "ball", "mama", "dada" and "De-der", which is his way of saying Dexter. It really is amazing to watch him grow.

So. I woke up in the wee hours of the morning with a Charlie Horse. Ahhh! Those are the worst. Especially when you wake up to that. I think that is the third I have ever had in my entire life. Of course, I woke up this morning feeling like I had ran a marathon in my sleep. On just my left leg. Now I have this constant sensation like I'm on the brink of another one. I am terrified to even remotely point my toe. I'm sure you are on the edge of your seat with anticipation of what will happen next. I'll keep you posted. :/

Two great things hit our life in the past 24 hours. First, we received the refund check from our insurance company for Travis' truck. It was more than we were expecting so we are saving some of it away and using the rest as a down payment on the new truck. We won't buy it until after Travis is finished with the shutdown. He won't have time before then. Second, Travis officially received his first paycheck with his Journeyman's raise! That whole process seemed to take FOREVER. It's finally here though. Now I have the end of our credit card debt in sight!

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