Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Handyman

I have to give Travis some props today. He has been working seven days a week, 10 hours a day at the plant for several weeks now and he is still managing to get work done around the house. Last night I went with Sara and a couple of our girl friends to help her pick out her wedding dress. When I got home at the end of the night, Travis had completed numerous tasks, including yard work and replacing the locks on all our doors. He mowed the lawn and edged with the weed eater. He meticulously edged each stone that leads up to our front door from the driveway, which is awesome because I could no longer find the first two. He also picked up dog poop from the back yard and sprayed the yard deodorizer. I'm VERY excited about this because I hope to be able to actually enjoy our backyard when David and Stephanie come to visit tomorrow.

All of our door locks on the house and the garage now have the SAME key. It was very satisfying to throw away several keys from my key ring. Travis had attempted to change the lock on the front door a few days ago, but the bolt didn't line up with the door jam. It was nearly impossible to get in and out of our house. Picture me leaving in the morning with my purse, lunch, coffee and occasionally my breakfast, trying to turn the lock while systematically kicking the door with each nudge of the key. I was extremely grateful to find that he had fixed this problem last night. ALSO! He flipped the door around on the garage. I don't know what idiot put that door on so that you walked into the water heater instead of the side with the light switch, but my handyman took care of that too! He was a busy man last night and it only took three beers to finish everything. What a hero!

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