Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Gin and Rummy

It seems that this game of Liverpool Rummy is becoming a regular occurance. I'm totally digging game night. =) We played a round this past Sunday. It went quicker than normal, probably because we had less people. Not that having fewer people in the game makes it go quicker. When there are a lot of people (which is fun too), it's sometimes hard to keep track of whose turn it is and which cards are on the table. This was just a leisurely evening in PJ's that I caught on camera. I almost didn't make it to the start of the game because I was SO WORN OUT from diving at Moody Gardens that afternoon. I was worried I wouldn't be able to lift my arms to feed myself dinner. Travis was awesome and prepared the meal, which meant a little less work. He got a wild hair up his ass and bought a bottle of Tanqueray. I knew if I had one sip of booze I'd pass out face first on the table, so I skipped out on a glass.

The Game

My sleepy hubby

Logan is still a little frightened of Callaway, but he's getting better. I thought this was hilarious, so I got a pic before they were posed. They just wanted to play!

Doggie Hug. Dexter and Callaway

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