Friday, May 30, 2008

Fresh New Look

Thank goodness for good friends! I called Robert last night to confirm where we would be meeting to pick up the new couches and he told me he had come down with something and wasn't feeling well. I know plenty of people, so I told him to get well and passed the news onto Travis. He ran next door and recruited JR to help (awesome, cuz I have virtually NO arm muscles). Everything went quite smoothly actually. We drove to the seller's apartment in Travis' new truck and the guys loaded the couches while I carried the cushions and held the gate open for them. We took a five minute break so they could catch there breath before heading back to the houses. And guess what? It didn't even rain on the way home! AND the couches didn't fall off the truck! These are all fears I have EVERY time we move something in a pickup. (See: the trim incident)

JR helped us move the old couches out of the way and bring the new ones in. Travis likes them, except that they are higher than the old couch. I think it just needs a couch potato to break them in. We are keeping the futon for a month so my brother has a better place to sleep than an air mattress during his visit. Seriously guys - these couches were a steal.

Big couch

Love seat (even looks good with the new curtains)

To make room for the futon in the study, we had to move this chair out into the living room. It pretty much matches the new couches and it makes for more seating in the most-used-room of the house. I just may keep it in here!

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