Thursday, May 1, 2008


Yesterday was a roller coaster ride from hell. It was horrible. Travis called me almost first thing in the morning to tell me he was fired from his job. I think I had a minor heart attack right at that moment. He said he was sitting in the work truck with another co-worker while a third was getting their daily permit (that they need before they can do any work) and his boss came up and yelled at them for sleeping on the job. He slammed the door and walked off, so they weren't sure what was going to happen. By the time they made it out to the job site, their foreman told them not to unload their tools and head straight to the office at the front. Of course, Travis knew exactly what that meant. He took it very maturely and didn't throw a fit about it, even though it is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. They have to sign a piece of paper stating why they are being fired and theirs said it was for sleeping on the job. Travis didn't agree, but there was nothing he could do. I don't understand how someone could make such a rash decision at a moment's notice. It is insane to me that they would fire last month's employee of the month because he was waiting for a permit that is REQUIRED to work in the plant.

Travis immediately decided to go into Houston to apply at the plants. Since he has his Journeyman's license now, he is eligible for more positions. Travis' old boss, from when he did residential electrical, said that he could come back and work for him anytime, which is always a nice back up. Even though he would get a raise from what he was getting paid there before, it doesn't quite cover what we need for our newest large purchase. When Travis applied at one of the locations in Houston, they really liked him and invited him back to take a written test in the afternoon. In the meantime, Travis applied at several other locations. He said the test was very difficult, but he passed it!

When he got out of his test, he found he had four missed calls and a text from his ex-direct-boss at the plant. Turns out he was able to convince the higher bosses that Travis was too good of an employee to lose and they invited him back to work at the plant. I guess the other guy that was in the truck with Travis had gotten a written warning for sleeping on the job in the past. They assumed that was what they were doing in the truck and chose to fire that guy for it. Unfortunately, they thought they had to fire Travis for it too. This is absolutely unreasonable because Travis has never received a warning for anything (not to mention he wasn't actually sleeping on the job). After getting off the phone with them, the Houston plant called and asked him to come back for an interview.

Despite all the bruhaha, Travis decided to take the job back since we need it so badly. He is getting a warning and a three-day, unpaid suspension from work. He goes back Monday and will work for his old residential boss in the meantime to help bridge the financial gap. I am extremely stressed about the instability of this job, but this is all we have for now. Cross your fingers for us that Travis doesn't get fired for wiping the sweat off his brow this week. God forbid he take any time from working!

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Alexa said...

That is complete BS that Travis had to endure that crap. Work has been really crappy to Chris as well. What is with these employeers treating their good employees this way?!