Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Shiny and Pretty

WOW. I have been busy at work lately! It's a good thing I suppose. Although it has been emotionally and mentally draining...

Last night Travis and I went to test drive the new truck he is buying from our friend Chris' dad. It's a great truck and Travis is very excited to make it his own. We are just waiting on paperwork at this point. Buying a vehicle through a private party is a lot of work!

I'm starting the countdown to my dad and brother's visit. My dad is coming on June 3rd and he's staying for about three weeks. It is undecided how long my brother will stay. I want him to stay the whole summer because I miss him, but my dad really wants him to get a job. I understand that and I know it is an important thing for him to learn. Hell, I started my first job the week I turned 16 (so my parents wouldn't have to drive me). I JUST WANT TO SPEND SOME TIME WITH LITTLE BRO. Either way, I'll get several weeks of quality time in. I am driving to New Orleans to pick them up from the train station. We won't be back until late.

My friend Sara has decided to start her own blog! I am addicted to blogs, so I look forward to another one by someone I know. Check out Sara's Satire whenever you get a chance. She wrote her first entry yesterday. I put a link up in the margin for easy access later. =)

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