Friday, May 9, 2008

Crazy Call

Travis got a crazy call yesterday. He couldn't hear the guy on the other end very well, but he was screaming something about suing Travis for running into him. I'm thinking it was one of the guys from the 4-car pile up. What I'm wondering is HOW THE HELL DID HE GET TRAVIS' PHONE NUMBER?!?! Travis said maybe its written on the police report, which is public record. He's going to get a copy and see if that's it, plus it wouldn't hurt to have for our records. I'm nervous that our address could be on there too and I'm going to find some wacked out guy waiting for me on my doorstep when I get home. Ah! I guess this guy said he was going to come after Travis for the damages done to his vehicle. We don't know who it was exactly, but he was nuts! Travis told him to call his insurance company and hung up. He could barely hear him anyway. Nutso. This is so much fun. I love this stuff...

We had another momentary freak-out yesterday when we received a text message from our friend Miraj saying that someone called him looking for us and that we were hiding from him, then he gave the phone number. I was trying to figure out how Nutso-From-The-Previous-Paragraph could have found our friend's phone number too. Travis called Miraj to find out what this was all about before he called the number. Turns out it was just a joke and it was the number to the Houston Zoo, but holy cow! Talk about random. Thank goodness for a little joke here and there!

Anyhoo! Yesterday sure was a scorcher. I think it got up to about 90 degrees! It's only supposed to get into the low 70's today, which is perfect for my work picnic this evening. Travis is going to try to make it since he's still getting off work at a decent time. No big plans for this weekend except I need to wash the car.

Have a great weekend!

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