Friday, May 2, 2008

The Week From Hell Continues...

Well, this evil week reared it's ugly head again. I have almost felt guilt for the past year at all the good fortune that Travis and I have had. Our friends Chris and Shannon have unavoidable, sometimes horrific drama on a daily basis it seems and they are good people. They don't deserve that. I always wonder how we have been so lucky. I think this week is making up for everything. Travis was driving home yesterday from working with his old boss and got into a car accident. This is UNbelievable. Shannon pointed out that we should be thankful that Travis still has a job so we are able to deal with this better. She also noted that Travis is okay. These are all things to be grateful for.

Travis was driving down a fairly busy street when the truck in front of him slammed on his brakes. Travis slammed on his brakes also, but there was not enough time to stop before rear ending the guy. Unfortunately, the truck he hit did not have a rear bumper AND it was slightly taller than Travis' truck so he drove UNDERNEATH it. Ahhhhh! He said the tires were up by his windshield. Turns out, it was a four-car pile up, so Travis wasn't the only one at fault. The first guy ran off, so no tickets were issued. Travis said his air bags didn't deploy, but the engine was leaking all sorts of fluid. It wouldn't start, so the tow truck took it away. Luckily, one of Travis' work buddies was driving by and saw the accident so he turned around to keep him company and then drive him home. Just to be safe, Travis took the tool box and everything out of his truck back to the house. I had to laugh at the pile of his stuff in our garage when I got home.

Another positive thing here is that we still have my old car. Travis is going to drive that around until we can figure out the replacement vehicle situation. The insurance adjuster is going to the wrecker lot to decide if the truck is salvageable. I am hoping we owe less than it is worth so we'll get some money back for a down payment on a new vehicle. I am doubtful though. We are going to try to run up there after work to see if we can get some pictures (with our old crappy camera). If we do, I'll try to get some photos up.

Then to top off this beautiful week, we woke up to the scent of cat pee and crap in the kitchen again. I guess those plug-ins aren't working as well as we had thought.


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