Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ocean View

Yesterday was utter chaos. I helped Ariel and Robert move into their new apartment in the afternoon. IT WAS SO HOT OUTSIDE. I think it was 93 degrees with a humidity of 91%. YUCK. We were all drenched. I think that they have enough stuff for two places between the both of them. They are hoping to upgrade to a two bedroom apartment soon. The one bedroom is very limiting for them.

After the move, I ran to check out a couch and love seat that I found for sale via a flyer on a bulletin board at work. They are selling for $200 which seemed like a steal, so I jumped right on that. I really like them so we are going to pick them up tonight. I just hope Travis likes them, too. I am a little nervous because the fabric is such a light color. That could be irritating in the future - due to all the cat and dog hair that I live with. Thank goodness for lint brushes! It will be a huge pain in the ass to move them out of the seller's apartment. The front door is absolutely tiny and the staircase down to the first floor is a winding one. I think it's worth it though. Granted, I won't be the one maneuvering the stuff around. Robert is returning the moving favor by helping us pick them up. I'm hoping I'll be able to carry the couches from the truck into our house. I'll be sure to get some photos up for you. Teehee.

After looking at the couches I ran back to Ariel and Robert's new apartment (with an ocean view, might I add) and we ate a spaghetti dinner on their balcony. Ariel had to be at work at 8pm, so I went home to take Travis over to pick up the truck. We need it to pick up the couches tonight. Travis convinced Chris to let us take it a few days in advance! Travis drove it to work today. I know he is super excited, but he tries to play it cool. I hope he doesn't plan on ever having me drive that thing. It is huge!

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