Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

It was technically a three-day weekend at my job, but I ended up having to come into work twice. I still managed to fit in lots of David/Stephanie/Wednesday time though. They were supposed to get in on Friday evening, but Stephanie had to work late. They didn't reach Houston until midnight, so they decided to stay the night at David's grandmother's house.

Friday night we stayed in and played Three Man, a dice game, with Sara and JR. Phew, that is a bad game to play if you have anything to do the next day. We were all feeling a little out of it Saturday.

Diaper Boy

Have you ever heard of the song Superman by Soulja Boy?

David and Stephanie got to my house at about 10am Saturday and we made the most of our day. David's mom came with to watch Wednesday at David's grandmother's house and she wanted to go out to lunch at Pappasito's. I was thoroughly disappointed to find out Wednesday would not be staying the weekend with us, so I was 100% up for driving to north Houston to see her. I tell you what, that child is just SO precious. She's turned into quite the chunker, but its a huge improvement from her premie body. =)

We were back that night a little after Travis got home from work. Since we had such a late lunch, we decided to go see a movie before dinner. Travis scarfed down popcorn the whole time, so he didn't have much of an appetite afterwards. We saw the movie Iron Man and it was GREAT. Robert Downey Jr. was awesome as the hero. I recommend it to anyone who likes action films. That's another DVD I'll be adding to our library.

Travis was still working 10-hour days, 7-days a week, so we went up to Houston on Sunday without him. Stephanie had planned a surprise visit to a comic book convention for David. He LOVES Marvel comics (Iron Man was an appropriate film for the weekend!) and this would have been his first comic book convention, had it not been cancelled. I was disappointed and Stephanie was so upset she started to tear up for a minute! We had planned to go shopping at the mall with David's mom after the convention, so we just moved that up in our schedule for the day. They didn't bring Wednesday's big stroller on this trip, instead we stopped and picked up a little umbrella stroller.

Unfortunately, she got sleepy after an hour in the stroller. David ended up carrying her around so she could lay down for her nap. We walked into one of the stores and there was a clothes rod sticking out into the aisle - David accidentally scraped the top of Wednesday's head with it! She screamed bloody murder for a few minutes, but seemed to be alright. She fell asleep again almost immediately. Stephanie decided to file a report in case the scrape worsened. She used to work in retail and knows that there should be clothes hanging off those rods so this sort of thing does not happen. I bought a shirt for Travis from there and some hand soap from Bath and Body Works. Nothing big.

Wednesday woke up when we got back to the house that evening and she was ready for her banana cereal!

I had invited Ariel and Robert over for dinner that night, but they both had to work. JR and Sara still came over and we had a delicious grilled dinner, courtesy of my hard working husband.

After dinner, we taught David how to play Liverpool Rummy, while Stephanie and Wednesday watched Dazed and Confused on TV. We stayed up until 1 in the morning, just like we did the two previous nights. Our friends left the next day at about 10am and I chose to sit on my butt. I caught up on my DVR recordings and watched The Nanny Diaries. That movie was so-so. That afternoon I went into work for a little bit.

Travis sent me a text that morning saying that they were upping their hours to 16 in a day, 7-days a week. !!! This was bad news, mostly because he had stayed up late all weekend and Monday was supposed to be his chance to catch up. I wasn't expecting Travis until 11:30pm, but his supervisor was able to convince their boss to let them off at 8pm. That will be his schedule for the rest of the week. It still sucks, but at least Travis will be able to fit in a full night of sleep!

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