Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Full Day, Part 2

Lastly, I bought some fish (at PetSmart)! Hooray! More often than not I have people asking me why I have an empty fish tank. I don't actually, but I only have bottom feeders, which can be hard to spot at times. I was told that I cannot use the tap water here for a tank because the fish will not survive. !!! What does this say about my drinking water?!?! Anyway, I bought Reverse Osmosis water and did a water change about a month ago. I figured this was long enough for the tank to readjust before adding some more fish. I bought two Gouramis. Nothing crazy because I want to make sure they will survive before purchasing more expensive fish. Bottom feeders are like cockroaches - nothing can kill them - so I can't go by their health. What do you think? (Please ignore the algae growing all over everything.)

There are 3 fish in this photo: two sucker fish and one Dwarf Gourami
Staring at himself in the mirror?

Buddies: Dwarf and Blue Gouramis
I didn't get a picture of the plecostomus because he likes to hide in between the coral. He is in there somewhere. I had a saltwater tank when I was in high school, but it took up a lot of my time and my mom's boyfriend-at-the-time helped me a bunch. This time I decided to stick with a freshwater tank. I don't have much free time on my hands and I would hate for those expensive saltwater fish to fall through the cracks.

We finished Sunday off with cards at Sara and JR's house. Sara's family was in town for Mother's Day and they decided to teach Travis, JR and I how to play a card game that was popular in their home growing up: Liverpool Rummy. After Googling this, I found that we played the Florida variant of the game, with money. We had a great time. Sara and her sisters are hilarious together! I told Sara that we're going to have to play it more often!

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Rachel said...

my parents have plecostomi (plural?)....I love them!!! They look like swimming dinosaurs!!