Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Day with Micah

Saturday, Aiden and I drove up to Houston for Micah's third birthday party (Travis had to work). Jenn and Billy rented a moonwalk obstacle course for the afternoon and the kids LOVED it.

Aiden was the youngest kid at the party, but he seemed to do a pretty good job of keeping up with the rest. He had a hard time going down the steep slide by himself, so I did my best to convince him to stay in the jumping hallway (pictured above). A few of the adults took turns getting in there to lift the kids up to make a ball in the basket.

I got to meet a few more of their friends and talk about the stresses of raising a toddler.

We ate burgers and Aiden drank lots of juice. He had a good time laying on Micah's mini-slide. I'd really like to get him one of these this summer, but we'll have to wait and see how the financial situation is after we recover from Travis' teeth repair and the yard renovation.

The boy pictured above (also named Aden) is a mere TWO years older than Aiden. I could not get over how big he is. There was another boy at the party who is 8 years old and he could not believe that Aden was only 3 years old. They were the same height! The other boy was a normal lanky 8-year-old. Aden is built like a linebacker. So funny!

Billy did his best to prevent Micah from blowing out the candle on his cupcake before Jenn could get a picture. It took several tries before they got the shot.

Becky, Billy and David's mom, is standing in back with her dog Coco. Becky was in a horrible auto collision in August 2009. She still has pain where she broke bones and has to walk with a cane, but I was very impressed with her healing.

The rest of the party went well. Aiden got really excited after Micah opened his presents. I made a mental note that Aiden's favorite was the motorcycle toy. Soon after that, we made the trek home.

The best part of this trip, was that Aiden slept on the car ride there and back - about 30 minutes each time. He used to take 3-hour naps, but now that he can climb out of his crib, naps are non-existent at home. I was happy with the two 30-minute naps!

When we got home, the Ramby's were over helping Travis lay out the patio. They brought take-out from Taco Cabana. YUM. Alexa, Skyslar and I chatted inside while the boys were outside. I was complaining to Alexa about how I never sleep anymore. She said that she has to sleep with a sleep mask on so the lights don't wake her up. I have a sleep mask that I got after Aiden was born so I could nap during the day, so I gave it a try. I really think it's working. Even if I wake up from other stimuli, it doesn't take me as long to fall back to sleep with the mask on.

I've worn the sleep mask for two nights now and I can already tell I feel better. I think it will take several nights of good sleep for the real magic to happen, but I've got hope! Alexa also recommended a sound machine. We used to have a floor fan in our room, but it broke about a year ago. The fan would be the equivalent of a sound machine. And Travis would get his cool breeze while he sleeps. I keep meaning to buy a replacement. Maybe it's time.

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