Wednesday, May 18, 2011

This one's all over the place

So I think I'm pretty much recovered from whatever that two-week long cold was that I had. I'm still dealing with some drainage, as is Travis, which means I probably have a couple more weeks of this nastiness. But at least I don't feel like hell anymore.

Travis didn't know what to do with himself now that the patio is finished. We are taking a break from the yard renovation work so that he and my dad can go over the final plans for the wall. To keep himself busy in the meantime, he bought some cedar and is building an ice box for us to leave on the patio.

I can think of other things he could do to keep himself busy (clean the bathroom, vacuum, dust, etc), but at least he's doing something useful. When he's finished, I'm going to try to find some sort of metal decoration to nail to the front of the box. I'm sure Travis would like to put the state of Texas on the front. I'm going to have to veto that.

Ramdomness: Yesterday, Travis' co-worker sent this picture of Travis with the caption "Squirrel Master".

I am continuing to feel more and more rested. It would probably be better if I would go to bed by 10, so I'm going to make an effort to do that, at least during the week.

Aiden keeps learning to do more and more everyday. It's exhausting really. Here are all the things he's learned to do in the past month:

  • Climb out of his travel crib

  • Climb on top of the dresser in his room (I had to take everything off his dresser)

  • Stand on the railing that lines his bed (so he can see out the window to what we're doing in the yard)

  • Open his bedroom door (but he can't unlock it yet, so that's a plus)

  • Open the back exterior door

Do you see how this can be exhausting? He got a hold of the baby powder that was on top of the dresser after he figured out how to get up there. This is what Travis found when he went in to find out what Aiden was doing:

Here are a few of the things he's been doing lately that I see in a more positive light (meaning NOT exhausting):

  • Walk up and down the stairs without a helping hand (There is a downside to this - he can now jump off his bed and futon, shaking the entire house.)

  • His vocabulary has gone through the roof recently. He says things like, "Callaway's barking," "I break it," "Look Mommy! A jungle!" (when point to the trees on the side of the road)

  • He's in the process of learning how to do regular puzzles, as opposed to knob puzzles.

He has also shown a recent interest in ONE movie. All of my friends with kids a little older than Aiden have complained about their child having an obsession with a certain movie. That means that one gets played over and over again, causing the parent to go insane with Pixar-overload. Aiden's current favorite is Robots. I think it's a cute movie, so I haven't gone completely bat shit over it. Yet.

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Sara's Satire said...

Maybe instead of the state of Texas you guys could get an A&M sign....or maybe you could get creative and design something yourself...maybe with all your initials (T - N - A) although now that I have typed it, you may not want to put it in that order LOL. Also, if you have another would have to add to maybe just make something that says WARD.