Monday, January 9, 2012


We pulled into the driveway after grocery shopping to see Travis' truck parked in the driveway. 

Aiden yelled, "Daddy!"  Then he saw his pirate ship and yelled, "Pirate ship!"

"Go inside and grab Daddy to play on the pirate ship with you."

"Daddy's too big for the pirate ship."

=(  Travis has already played on it with him and he loved it.  I don't know why he suddenly became a Debby Downer about it.

This morning I was driving Aiden into work when my phone alerted me to a text message. 

Aiden asked, "Who'sat?"

"Gpa." (My dad.)

"Gpa?  Not Gramma?"

"Nope, it's Gpa." I text both fairly regularly.

"Gpa gave me a pirate monkey."

Last September when we went to Illinois for my cousin's wedding, my dad gave Aiden a toy monkey that is dressed like a pirate.  It has a button on it's hand that when pushed, makes monkey sounds.  It was a Halloween decoration that he thought Aiden would love.  He was right.  I am just so impressed that he remembers who gave it to him.  I'm hoping this means he got Travis' memory because we know mine sucks it.  The only reason I can recall things is because Travis reminds me, or I go back and check this blog. 

The other thing I've been really impressed with lately is Aiden's ability to name colors.  When I used to ask him what color something was, he would answer 'blue' 75% of the time.  Occasionally he got it right, but I was never sure if it was luck or true memory.  But I have noticed for the past couple weeks that he has consistently gotten colors correct.  He never seems to remember pink and purple, but I am still blown away at his good record as of late.  They must be focusing on colors at daycare.

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