Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Hobby

Sorry I haven't been good about posting lately.  I'm a little addicted to my new iPhone (Christmas gift from Travis), which means I've been reading and playing games more than thinking about what I can write on here.  Seriously, that thing is taking over my life.  I need the awesomeness to wear off a little so I can pay more attention to my life. 

Travis' dad Curt came into town last night.  He's a trucker and needed to take a break from the road, so he is taking it at our house.  He took us up to his truck last night so Aiden could see it up close.  Sadly, he was too afraid to go in the cab.  I stood in the door with him in my arms, but he was still freaked out by it.  So we got out and inspected the exterior of the giant vehicle up close.  Aiden loved that part.

Travis, Curt and I were lost in conversation at one point and I could tell Aiden was getting bored because he kept trying to talk to me.  To distract him, I handed him a rock and told him to go throw it in a giant puddle near where we were standing.  He just thought that was an amazing thing.  Kept him busy long past the end of our conversation.  Finally, we had to pry him and his muddy hands away from the water to go home for dinner. 

Travis grilled out beef for fajitas that night.  We had made plans to do this the day before and had no idea there was a 100% chance of thunderstorms for the majority of the day.  I think we were lucky the rain stopped for us to make dinner!  The flooding was horrible, but thankfully no tornadoes hit our house.

We stayed up late for the second night in a row.  The night before we spent 5 hours putting together a 1000-piece puzzle - our newfound common interest!  I am so excited about this!  Something for us to do together.  After discussing it on Facebook, I found that LOTS of people do puzzles.  The good thing about this is that means we can trade puzzles!  Free of charge.  It's like my very own library of puzzles.  We still haven't finished this puzzle because Curt was in town last night, but we probably have an hour or two left on it.  I look forward to the challenge WITH my husband along for the ride.

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Alexa said...

Isn't it AWESOME?! Lol...greatest invention EVER. I often wonder what I did before it. Same with my kids. HA!

That is a lot of fun that you guys got to see Curt, I bet Aiden thinks its too cool that he drive a big rig!