Friday, January 13, 2012

Family Time

This morning Travis was telling Aiden bye before leaving for work.  He was giving him a hug when Aiden says something muffled into his shoulder.  Travis pulls back and asks him to repeat himself.

"Thank you for getting me dressed."

I don't know why, but that was just the sweetest thing!  I teared up while I was getting ready in the bathroom.  Travis said he was VERY welcome and said love you.

Aiden replied, "Love you!"

Melts my heart.

He has also started asking to see Mila a lot lately.  I'm not sure if he wants to go back to the doctor for an ultrasound or if he understands that she is going to come out into the real world eventually and he would like to meet her.  Either way, I love that he is interested in her.

I am having a little trouble figuring out my hunger these days.  It seems like for the past week my stomach has been a bottomless pit in the morning.  I eat cereal, then 15 minutes later I'm still hungry.  I eat a piece of fruit and 15 minutes later I'm still hungry.  I eat trail mix and FINALLY, I'm satiated.  I have a snack (usually yogurt) at 10 am, then lunch at noon.  Then I start to get hungry again between 3 and 5.  So I have some more trail mix or a protein bar. 

Yesterday I was starving so I couldn't stop eating trail mix.  By the time I got home and reheated some leftovers for dinner, I wasn't hungry.  I ended up not eating until 9 pm.  I've noticed that Mila gets an energy boost about 30 minutes after I eat, so starting around 9:30 or 9:40 she went nuts.  Right around the time I was laying down for the night.  Gah.


Sara's Satire said...

Aiden telling Travis Thank you is the sweetest thing. When my kids use manners without having to be told, we always praise them by saying Good Manners because we want to encourage them to continue to do so. I have seen so many kids who don tuse any kind of manners. It drives me crazy - I feel like their are so many parents these days who just fore go these things. I may not have had the best parents in the world, but I always reming myself that I never went with out and in many ways we were actually pretty spoiled, but they always expected us to say yes, ma'am or sir and thank you and your welcome. As we got older we didn't necessarily say address them as ma'am or sir (unless we were in trouble) but we ALWAYS reguarded other adults in that manner. I expect the same of my kids.
As for his interest in Mila...He is a little older than Logan when I was pregnant with Landry, and its a good thing for them to show interest. My advice is to talk about Mila, and how she will be very small when she comes. Start teaching the importance of being easy and using a soft voice and it will go a long way when she arrives. By the time Landry arrived Logan didn't want to be anywhere near her for the first few days, but over the first couple of weeks he really fell in love with her and now he is a really good big brother...I think Aiden will be wonderful as well. It's almost like its instinctual for big brothers to be easy with little ones - from what I know of my own experience and what I see or read with Blair and Skylar, it seems like they just know that they can play rough with other boys their age but they have to be easier with smaller kids and girls.

Have you made plans for where Aiden will stay while you and Travis are at the hospital?

Nikki said...

I'm HOPING that Mila comes really close to her due date so family will already be here. That way we can just leave Aiden at home with family. BUT, if she comes randomly before we are expecting her (which I am doubtful after how things went with Aiden), Linsey and Zach have offered to send one or the other to our house if it's in the middle of the night. If it happens during the day, we'll just drop him off for a "playdate" on our way to the hospital.

So much more to think about when having your second child!!!