Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bodily Functions

Sunday night after Aiden went to Chuck E Cheese was a little rough.  He woke up at 1:30 vomiting.  I woke when I heard him crying and heard the (unfortunately) familiar sound of wretching.  I ran in as quickly as I could.  There was vomit all over his pillow and Mr. Lion.  Travis eventually woke up while I was holding the trash can in case there was more to come.  He eventually stopped spitting and we began clean up. 

The last time he was sick we threw away two pillows.  I didn't know what to do with them.  I was sure they'd be ruined in a wash so I didn't even mess with it.  After that, I had several people tell me you can wash your pillows in the washing machine.  I don't know what would happen with feather pillows, but since these were just stuffing I gave it a try.  It came out perfectly!  Perhaps a little more fluffy even.  We weren't able to do this wash immediately, so we just grabbed another pillow and put new sheets on the bed. 

Another thing I learned from last time: place a towel in the spray zone to expedite clean up.  It may not contain the liquid, but it gets the chunks (sorry to those with a sensitive stomach).  So!  Thirty minutes later when the next wave hit, clean up was much quicker.  He also seems to be grasping the concept of puking in the trash can.  YAY.

Thankfully, the rest of the night went without further adventures.  I assumed Aiden had too much excitement to contain and had to release some of the pressure during the night.  It's happened before.  He throws up dinner in the middle of the night and that's the last of the illness.  So the next morning we got ready for work and daycare like normal.  Well, mostly normal.  I was exhausted from getting to bed at 10:30, waking up when Travis got home at 11:30, waking up to take care of Aiden at 1:30 and again at 2:00.  We were in the car and had just hit the island when Aiden started saying he needed to go potty.  I told him we would be to daycare soon.  A moment later he had gone pasty white and was gagging/coughing. 

I started having flashbacks to That One Time When Aiden Showered the Back Seat of My Car.  I pulled over as fast as I could and pulled him out to the grass.  Thankfully he hadn't eaten or drank anything yet that morning (which should have been a sign of what was to come), so it was just a little bile spit up.  After he'd had a moment to recover, I brought him to Ariel's.  He threw up bile again when we first walked in.  During the chaos, I had a sudden urge to do a #2 and used their downstairs bathroom.  The door was locked, which was a little strange.  I found the keys, unlocked the door and did my business.  OF COURSE it turned out the toilet was out of commission.  When I tried to flush, nothing happened.

I went up to knock on Ariel's bedroom door. 

"Ariel?  Sorry to wake you, but I have some problems.  Can you help me?"

She comes out the door all morning-time-groggified.

"Aiden's vomiting.  I can't take him into daycare.  Would you mind watching him for a couple hours while I run into work?"

"Ya sure.  No problem.  Don't even worry about it."

"Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.  Also, I used your toilet downstairs."

"Oh no big deal.  It has a leak so we turned off the water.  Just turn the water back on and you can flush it."

PHEW.  I run downstairs and do as she recommends.  I was mortified to find I had clogged their toilet.  Ugh. 

I walk out sheepishly, thankful it's Ariel who got up and not Robert, "Do you have a plunger?  Sorry."

"Actually no.  I have no idea where it went."

GREAT.  I promised her I would take care of it, but it has to wait until I get back from work. 

"Do you mind if my deuce hangs out while I run into work?  Sorry to drop off a vomiting toddler and a clogged toilet first thing on a Monday morning."

She watched him while I ran into work to take care of a few pertinent items.  After work I stopped at CVS to buy a plunger.  I decided on my walk into the store that this purchase was more embarassing to me than getting condoms or tampons.  I couldn't find the plungers anywhere and decided to brave asking for help.  The only person I could find was the cashier.  I asked if she knew where plungers were.

"PLUNGERS????  Hey LaQuisha!  Do we have any PLUNGERS?!"

Mortification.  Pure mortification.

LaQuisha's response, "PLUNGERS?  Nah I think we're out!  I'll go check.  The PLUNGERS are on aisle 5."

She comes back a few minutes later.  No plunger.

"There weren't any PLUNGERS on aisle 5.  Let's call in back and see if they have any there."

Nope.  No plungers there either.  I felt like personally walking up to every customer and the store and explaining that I was the one with a toilet clogged with poo at home.  Me!  It was me!  In case you weren't sure after all this yelling about PLUNGERS!! 

Thank goodness the Dollar General down the street had some.  Of course that cashier wanted to have a conversation about how cool it was that it came in a combo pack with a scrub brush, maybe she should grab one too?

Plunger and frozen pizzas in hand, I returned.  Ariel mentioned she didn't have anything to eat for lunch and it was the least I could do.  When I got back to Ariel's, they said he had eaten some dry cereal and hadn't thrown up at all.  Figures.  Although I was happy he had stopped.  I took care of my mess and left with Aiden, hoping Ariel and Robert didn't learn to dread my surprise visits. 

Aiden was lethargic for the majority of the day, but he didn't throw up anymore.  We had chicken noodle soup (in the shape of Cars), he took a long nap and then we watched TV for the remainder of the day.  It was nice to rest a little, although I was unable to take a nap.  My body seems confused on how it needs sleep. 

The saga of our crazy days continues tomorrow... hopefully... if I have time to write again...


Sara's Satire said...

Okay, this may be the funniest thing I have read in a while...and I read - ALOT! It may just be so funny because I can totally relate to your mortification, but still - so very funny!

I don't know if I have told you this before, but Logan has had the same thing...well sort of. Every once in a while he will wake up and start vomiting. He will lay around for a while, then go about playing like nothing is wrong...then start throwing up again. It will last either half a day, or all day, but then its over. I always check his temperature...but there is never a fever. I have no idea why this happens. All I know is that according to my grandmother, I used to do this too. Then by age 6 or 7 I started getting migraines at least once a week, sometimes one would just roll into another and last for a whole week that I couldn't move, couldn't eat, drink or be in any kind of light or hear any kind of sound. My mom would finally take me to the doctor. She would put sunglasses on me, and ear muffs and wrap me in a blanket for the car trip, which was always accompanied by a trash can that I dry heaved in during the entire trip. Luckily, I only get them once or twice a year now, and sometimes I go a whole year without one. I like to think I got them all out of the way while I was younger. Anyway, my fear is that my kids will have the same issues. I hope not, but the fear is there. I know you said that Travis gets migraines...maybe you could talk to his mom and see if he ever went through random vomiting sessions as a kid?

Nikki said...

Oh man. I really hope this isn't the same thing. Migraines ran a good portion of Travis' childhood. I can only hope that they have something better for it by the time my kids need to be medicated. Travis said his meds never helped him. He used to get them everyday. I can't imagine. Now he only gets them every few months or so. How sad. I will ask Brenda. Good idea Sara.

Mom said...

Remember when we were moving into Jeffery Drive and one of you kids plugged up the toilet? I didn't have a plunger either and I had you call Adam to please buy us a plunger and bring it to us. He did it! 14 year old boy rode his bike with a plunger hanging out the back. Talk about embarrassing! What a guy!!!!

Nikki said...

LOL! I had totally forgotten about that, Mom!! Oh what a good guy. Did I tell you he's a pastor now? Goodness is in his blood!

David Phillips said...

LOL The combonation of frozen pizzas is what made me laugh.... It looked like you were performing preventative maintanence with the plunger.