Friday, February 17, 2012

Thursday Dry Day

Aiden went pretty much an entire day without any accidents yesterday!  We haven't begun working on diaperless nap and bed times.  Frankly, I don't even know where to begin with that.  But!  For the rest of the day, he did great!  I was particularly impressed because he had the added distraction of Gpa to overcome.  Sometimes when he gets distracted by life, he forgets to use the potty.  Apparently he's getting better at that!

He went pee right before bed last night, but I guess he didn't finish.  He came out of his room about 5 minutes after we turned out the lights saying he was pee-pee.  Meaning he'd gone in his diaper.  We had to explain to him that if he needed to go potty during bedtime, he could get up to go.  We'll have to work on that one.

I am ECSTATIC that we have about three months to go without purchasing lots of diapers.  That ALSO means when Mila comes, we won't be buying diapers for two.  PHEW.  Now if only I could get a raise, we might actually be able to afford this baby!


Sara's Satire said...

Logan was potty trained for a good 6 months before I ever ventured into the realm of letting him sleep without a diaper. This isn't to say that this is how you should go about fact it was probably all wrong. But I had just had Landry and I wasn't really in the right mind frame to start the whole sleeping through the night without a diaper. In fact, I think he was nearly 3 before I stopped the diaper at night all together, and that was only because he would wake up every morning with a dry diaper. If I remember correctly he did that for a month before I finally gave in. But, as a nursing mother who was waking up all through the night to feed a new born and then the mommy of a newborn and almost three year old during the day - I was tired and I REALLY didn't want to add any more work (such as washing his sheets). Anyway, there were still a few accidents...not many (most likely because I waited SO LONG to rid him of diapers). I learned to make him potty before bed, and to not him have anything to drink for about 45 minutes before bedtime. Again, I don't think you should wait so long to get him used to nap and bedtime without a diaper...especially with Mila on the way...once she is here it will be harder to accomplish these things. Maybe you could start letting him go without during nap time since it's a shorter amount of time. Then do the whole pee before bed time and ease him into it. If he goes a few days waking up with a dry pull-up/diaper, then you can start letting him go without!

His potty experience reminds me so much of Logan and Landry. It's like they just woke up one day and decided to start using the potty. Which leads me to believe that encouraging the process is the right way to go...forcing the issue is just a headache for both the parents and the child. They know when they are ready! I am glad he is doing so well. Landry still has a few accidents here and there, and she still asks for a diaper to poop we are still working on pooping in the potty, but she will get it. So excited for Aiden...its a big step!

How is the daycare going with him using the potty now?

Nikki said...

The daycare is actually on board with it now. I think maybe they didn't want to mess with it before because he wasn't really ready. They actually asked if I could bring him in his underwear instead of Pull-ups because he was having lots of accidents in his Pull-ups. Too similar to diapers, I suppose. I was more than happy to bring him in underwear. They just didn't seem to thrilled about the potty training before so I didn't want to push it with them possibly having to change his clothes.

He did really well this weekend except for Sunday when he had a bout of diarrhea and we weren't able to get into a public restroom in time. Poor kid. He was so upset about going in his pants (although it was a Pull-up thankfully), on top of the pain he seemed to have with the diarrhea itself. =(