Friday, February 24, 2012

A Day at the Zoo

This past weekend was a three-day weekend for me because of President's Day.  It worked out perfectly with my dad being in town and staying at our house for the week.  (He's staying the next two weeks at Ariel's.)

We had beautiful sunny skies on Sunday so we headed to the Houston Zoo.  It was so much fun with Aiden this year.  He loved it!

Daddy went for a swim with piranhas.

Green iguana

Gpa is so helpful

Aiden saw these guys and wanted to go pet them.  Travis said he did too, but that they weren't allowed to.  Aiden then said he wanted to ride them.  Travis said he did too, but again, they weren't allowed to.  They don't get to do anything fun.

Giraffes in the African section


Aiden passed out on the ride home.  It was 2 pm by this point, so we decided to stop at a nursery on the way back.  Travis stayed in the car with Aiden while my dad and I went in to pick the brains of a few plant buffs.  Unfortunately, Aiden proceeded to wake up with an intense need to go potty.  He ended up having diarrhea in his Pull-up because the line was too long for the public restroom.  Poor guy was pretty upset about his accident, not to mention feeling crappy because of the diarrhea.  I think we kept him up too long and he ate too much crap (hot dog and popcorn) at the zoo.  I think we've raised Aiden to have an uppity colon.  Anything less than organic yogurt or hummus is not good enough for The Uppity Colon.

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