Thursday, February 23, 2012

Third Trimester

I am 28 weeks today - the first day of my third trimester.

Ahhhhhhh!  This pregnancy is flying by SO quickly.  We have done nothing to prepare for the new arrival.  I am super looking forward to my baby shower this weekend (courtesy of my friends Alexa and Linsey).  I think it will help soothe my qualms a bit.  Plus, after that we'll have a better idea of what we have left to buy.

Our baby shower for Aiden was co-ed.  It was fun because Travis got to be a part of the whole baby thing for our first child.  This time around, we're doing a ladies-only party.  That means we can ooh and ahh over all the baby girl stuff without a guy constantly rolling his eyes at us.  YAY!!! 

I've started to have some mild nausea again, which is really freaking me out.  It hasn't really been bad enough to require medicating.  It's totally not worth the side-effects of the Zofran (Constipation City).  I did take one on Sunday because we had a day planned at the zoo.  I didn't want it to get in my way.  I regretted making that choice on Tuesday.  I should have prepared by drinking a liter of prune juice.  Hindsight.

I had my OB appointment yesterday (I start going every two weeks from here on out) and my doctor said, "Gain more weight!" again.  I've gained 11 lbs thus far.  I'm supposed to gain 20-25 the entire pregnancy and I still have three months left.  I'm not too worried.  I feel like I eat constantly, otherwise I might worry more.  I'm always hungry.  Plus, I have a sweet tooth like no other.  I eat dessert after lunch AND dinner, which I rarely did before.  I don't go overboard with each meal, but a cookie and a bowl of ice cream added to my daily regimen seems like it should be having more of an effect on my weight. 

I'm convinced my lack of severe weight gain is due to the fact that I never sit down.  I am constantly moving.  I don't usually lay down until between 9 and 10 at night.  I am on my feet all day at work.  Then when I get home, I'm making dinner, doing dishes, or some other form of cleaning around the house.  It never ends.  Whereas when I was pregnant with Aiden, I came home from a job that was a little more sedentary than this one and I would take a nap.  After nap time, we would have a late dinner.  During which I would sit for the entire meal.  Meals these days require getting up from the table a minimum of three times.  There's always something.  My how things have changed.

I have been debating about how I am going to handle my maternity leave.  Aiden's daycare is by my work, 15 miles south of our house.  Travis' work is 15 miles north of our house.  There is no way he could bring Aiden to daycare in the morning for me.  It seems like such a waste to drive to the island twice a day to bring Aiden to daycare, then go back home with Mila.  Not to mention the whole I-can't-drive-for-2-weeks-after-having-the-baby thing.  After a three-day weekend of being exhausted from this pregnancy and having Aiden at home with me, I came to this conclusion:

I am going to keep Aiden at home with me for the first two weeks while I can't drive.  We will get 50% off per week at the daycare, so that will help us out financially.  Plus, that's when I expect the most family to be in town to help with him.  Then starting that third week, I will bring him to daycare 3-4 days per week.  I don't plan to have him there as long as he is during a normal work week.  Unless that's how it works out with Mila's schedule, I suppose.  I also don't want Aiden to become unaccustomed to his daycare schedule.  It helps him to get there and play with his friends, run and play.  We'll see.  It's going to be rough, that's for sure. 


I just came across this post from 28 weeks with Aiden.


Alexa said...

You look great! May I offer a suggesstion on getting your photos to flip? If you right click on the photo you can choose to 'open with'. You can use Microsoft Offices photo program if you have that suite of programs. It is easy to flip the photos in there.

Nikki said...

I appreciate the help, but that's the annoying part. I do flip them in Microsoft Office Picture Manager, so they are oriented correctly in my folder. They don't flip back until after I load them into Blogger. And then I can't figure out how to flip them within Blogger. Grrr.