Monday, February 6, 2012

Photo Mugs

A received a coupon via email for Shutterfly and decided to get photo mugs for Travis and I.  I got Travis a World's Greatest Dad mug.  It has a bunch of pictures of the two of them together on it.  For mine, I had three photos put on the mug: One of Aiden from the hospital, one when he was 1 and one when he had just turned 2. 

I spent a good hour putting those together and then realized that I'm going to have to do this again in a year so that we have stuff with Mila on them.  I looked at our photo wall and realized I need to make time to get family photos done when she's a month old and again later.  I've heard lots of people complain about how the second child in the family didn't get as much documentation as the first child did.  I always felt bad for them and made a sort of promise to myself to not short-change the second (or possibly third) child. 

Problem is, now that I'm here I can see how things like this can easily fall through the cracks.  When I was pregnant with Aiden, I had all the free time in the world to dawdle over the pregnancy.  This time, I feel like it is flying by so fast.  I have been making an effort to record details about this pregnancy, but not near as much as I did with Aiden.  I have a feeling this will only become more so when we HAVE Mila.  That won't stop me from trying though. 

After spending an hour or two looking through photos of Aiden when he was first born I went to bed and had my first dream about Mila!  I dreamt that my mom was so excited to have her that she took her to my aunt's house to show her off for the night.  At the end of the night, Travis and I came to pick her up.  My mom brought her out to our car.  I was sitting in the back seat.  I rolled the window down and my mom handed me the Mila bundle through the window.  Then Travis drove off with me holding her.  I looked down and she looked exactly like Aiden did. 

It was a very serene dream.  I forgot how vivid dreams can be during pregnancy.  So much so that I am able to remember them for days or weeks even.  Thankfully none have been nightmares.

We got our mugs in the mail at the end of last week.  I had originally planned on bringing my mug to work.  I could show off pictures of my kid and ensure that no one would walk off with it.  It's hard to explain why someone else would have a picture of my son in his PJ's riding his horse-on-a-stick.  But then the thought of losing the mug or breaking it at work freaked me out.  I think I'm going to keep at home for a little while.  This way I can make sure to enjoy the mug for a bit before risking losing it. 

I used to think people who had pictures of their family on stuff were weird.  Now I'm one of those weirdos.

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Sara's Satire said...

I am one of those mothers who swore to do everything for the second that I did for the first...mainly because I was the second child and got the short end of the stick throughout my childhood....I swore this would NOT happen. Unfortunately, it has happened. At first, you feel so guilty and you tell yourself that maybe you don't have as many 8x10 framed studio photos of the second one, because she isn't old enough to have that many framed photos...but then you realize, its really because you went a little overboard with the first child going into the studio to get photos every month and for every holiday. Then the second came along and you just went with newborn pics, Christmas, and birthday....oops!

To make up for this (this was my solution, because I just couldn't afford to do the studio pics every month), take lots of photos with your own camera, then every couple of months go through and pic a really good one, have it made into an 8x10 and frame it.

When we move into the new house, I plan to take out some of Logan's framed photos...most of them are from his 1st birthday...I will still keep the prints, but I think its time to update the photos. JR has also talked me into limiting the amount of kids photos that go on the walls. According to him, we don't need to cover every wall with pictures of the kids...He did relinquish the hallways, the stairway, one wall of our bedroom, one area in the play room, and the kids room can each get 1-2 photos. He says the rest of the house can have a photo here or there, but if I want to hang something I can hang art or decor! LOL