Monday, August 16, 2010

My Boys and the Sea

Wow. I have been really bad about posting lately. That's what happens when I'm busy at home AND at work. No time, no time! Oh and you can blame Alexa for giving me a 100 books to read. I know Travis is a little less than thrilled about that. ;)

Aiden seems to be recovering from his ear infection nicely. We will have another three days of antibiotics left, but he is no longer walking like a drunk man and doesn't cry every 10 minutes. That's a serious improvement in my book!

Aiden has made some language advancements lately that are SO FUN. He just started pointing at things and saying "uh dat". I'm pretty sure that means "what's that". His favorite items to point at are lights and fans. I'm thinking he might have a slight fascination with electrically-run things, like his father. Ha! Most of his words at this point are his personal jargon. I can tell what he's saying because I've learned that he uses them at certain times or places. And I think that 'mama' and 'dada' are taking on actual meaning to him. Wahoo!

This weekend was tiring, but much better than the last two. No fevers or sickness. THANK GOODNESS. I had gone up to Alexa's house on Thursday to go through some books she's getting rid of (nesting has officially set in at the Ramby's), so I had a lot to choose from this weekend. So on Friday, after Aiden went to bed, Travis went out to mow the lawn and I decided to take it easy with a book. It was amazing. I love resting. Sometimes I forget to do it and then have to remind myself to chill out.

Saturday morning, we went to the beach first thing. We were only there for a couple hours. Aiden would have enjoyed more time there, except it was nap time so we had to head home. I am so excited Aiden had fun this time. He kept walking back into the water. It was hilarious because the waves would throw off his sense of balance and he was constantly falling in the direction the waves were moving. I wanted to sit down and have a snack for a moment, so I got out a shovel for him to play in the sand. He loved that too. Best part for Mommy was he didn't try to eat the sand. We'll have to get him a sandbox soon!

Travis and I drove separately, so he could go to work. There was a fundraiser run on the beach and his company had been asked to set up the lights the day of, and then take them down the day after. Saturday was the day of, so he and a co-worker made three trips to carry the lights and a generator and set them up. Unfortunately, his co-worker lost his keys, so they had to wait for a friend to come unlock the van. When the keys weren't in there, they called a locksmith to make them a key.

When they were finally finished around 6:45, the woman running the show asked if they would stick around to turn on the lights at 7:30. Travis originally thought he'd be home in the afternoon. Ha! Anyway, while they were waiting to turn on the lights, the EMS arrived. The sand on the beach was really soft, so he didn't want to drive down onto the beach. He said that if someone more capable would drive it down, he'd be okay with that. He just didn't want to be the one to get it stuck. Travis jumped at the chance to drive an ambulance and he loved every minute of it. Of course, he got it stuck 10 feet from the wet sand. A gas-powered golf cart was all it took to help them out of the soft stuff.

Travis came home electrified. No pun intended. Or was it?

Sunday morning, Travis left to pick up the lights. Aiden and I played out in the yard with the water table (I put bubble bath in it this time). The best time of day to go outside at this point is first thing in the morning. So that's what I try to do with him every weekend. To give you an idea of what we're working with, right now, at 8:52 in the morning, it is 84F (cooler than normal actually) with 85% humidity, making the heat index 97F. It wouldn't be so bad if it cooled down at night. But it doesn't. It feels like this all day long. Well, I guess it gets worse from noon to 4pm. Hooray for Texas summers.

Sunday was my dad's birthday. He got his gift just in time on Saturday, but saved it to open ON his birthday. I talked to him for a while in the morning. Travis got back in the afternoon, just in time to get Aiden up from his nap and feed him his snack.

We played inside with Aiden until it was time to bring him to the babysitter's. Sue, the babysitter, asked that we bring him by more often so he could get used to her. I think it's working because he didn't cry at all this time. She also said that this was the best visit they'd had so far. I'm sure it helps that he's not sick this time, but either way I am glad. Travis and I took a few hours for adult time and went to see Inception with some of my work friends. I thought it was an excellent movie, but you really have to pay attention so you don't get lost. It had one of those endings that leaves you wondering what it meant, instead of just telling you outright. Normally that annoys me, but this time I'm not sure.

Travis and I have realized that we really like Leonardo DiCaprio. He always does great movies. Part of that could be that he always chooses to work for great producers. Or they choose him? Not sure, but I do know I like his movies. I'll have to remember that...

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