Monday, June 6, 2011

My thing for Travis's

As I look back at my life with boys, I am amazed by the number of Travis's sprinkled throughout. My very first crush, ever, was a boy named Travis. It was Kindergarten. I decided he was the bee's knees the moment I saw him in class that first day.

My parents hadn't had time to get my school supplies together that first week, so I had to share with my fellow classmates. The day that stands out in my mind, was the day we did watercolors. I had to share and the teacher chose Travis to share with me. I was soooo nervous, but excited! We started on our pictures, but had to stop one minute later when Travis got mad at me for mixing the colors together. I was heartbroken and embarassed. As far as I can remember, Travis was never my boyfriend, just a crush.

I now believe that procrastination with the school supplies and the years of similar stories in the years to come are the reason I am meticulous in my need to buy things way too far in advance. In the same vein, I am usually entirely too early at functions. I would rather be 30 minutes early to an event than 5 minutes late. It's just not right.

There was another minor Travis-crush in middle school. Fast forward to Freshman year of high school, and a new Travis came into my world. I attended a consolidated high school. The grade school I came from was the largest school to feed into our high school, but it was really interesting to see new faces at school. We had all been together pretty much from Kindergarten through 8th grade. High school was a small change for us. One of the other grade schools contained a Travis. He was so cool, laid back. I really liked him. We were friendly, but it was never more than that. I kind of got the vibe that he wasn't interested in my, so I never pushed things with him.

THEN! The King of all Travis's came into my life my senior year. It seems almost serendipitous that I should end my dating years with someone who has the same name as my first crush. I think it was meant to be.

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