Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pupdini Escapes Again

Somehow, on Monday, Callaway managed to get out of the yard despite our blockades. The bricks and plank of wood were all still in place, so we had no idea how he did it. To avoid him getting out of the yard while we tried to figure out how he was getting out, we decided to kennel him on Tuesday.

After work I had to stop at the gas station near our house. While I was standing there, I saw a work truck from Travis' new company drive by. I was unable to see who was driving. I didn't expect it to be Travis since he doesn't take the work truck home, but I didn't know for sure.

When I pulled into the driveway, I noticed Callaway wasn't in his kennel. Then I thought, maybe Travis' co-worker had dropped him off at home for some reason? And then Travis let Callaway out of his kennel on his way inside? When I walked into the yard, Callaway didn't come running, which could just mean he was inside the house. But it was weird that the door was latched. We always leave it unlatched in case Callaway wants to sit inside while he's hanging out outside.

I was starting to feel a little Twilight-Zone-ish when Callaway came running from his hideout under the house. I checked the door and it was locked, so I called Travis to see if he knew what was going on. I asked him if he had stopped by earlier in the day to let Callaway out of his kennel. He said no. Well then did the neighbor tell you he was going to let Callaway out? Again, no. How else could Callaway get out and then have the door latch behind him? It has a very difficult to use mechanism that requires an opposable thumb.

While I was talking to Travis, I was staring at the kennel waiting for it to yell out it's secret. I noticed a crack on the side, but it was barely big enough for a gecko to get through, let alone a 75-pound dog. After closer inspection, I realized he had broken one of the screws off. I still cannot believe that he can fit through there, but that is the only explanation I can come up with. If this is how Pupdini escaped, then he could most definitely fit around the boards we placed in the hole he dug under the fence.

When Travis got home, he brought in the mail. Written on the top envelope was the following: "Dog got out. 6/7/11" Not only did Callaway escape his kennel, but the yard as well. I'm assuming the postwoman put him back in the yard because that's where he was when I got home.

Our temporary fix is tethering him to a stake in the ground. We made sure he can't jump over the fence and strangle himself. He will be able to go 3 feet under the house, so he'll have sufficient shade. It still makes me nervous. I hope we will be able to buy some rebar this weekend to tie the bottom of our cyclone fence down, because then he shouldn't need to be tethered again.

Could our pets be any more annoying?


Alexa said...

Do you leave him outside in this heat?

Nikki said...

Ya, we've been wanting to leave him outside during the day for as long as we've had him, but always worried about the heat. We talked with a friend who has a hunting dog and he said as long as he has been going outside every day to get used to the heat, that he can handle it. I'm not sure if we'll do it all throughout summer though. I'm going to talk to our vet about it this weekend when we take him in. His allergies are acting up BAD again. He's due for his annual anyway.