Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Last week I was in the kitchen making dinner. Travis wasn't home from work yet and Aiden was playing in the living room. All of a sudden, he comes barreling into the kitchen holding a book, screaming "Pider Man! Pider Man!" I look at the book to see Spiderman on the cover. We have had that book since before Aiden was born and he has never shown any interest in it until now. I have never watched any Spiderman shows or movies with him up to this point, so I am a little unsure how he became so enthralled with him. I do recall Aiden coming up to me with a Spiderman action figure at daycare. Is that all it would take to capture his attention?

The next day I pulled out our Spiderman movie in the evening. Aiden was held in rapture for the entire movie. That is the first time he has ever SAT through an entire film. Aside from that time he barfed all over my car and sat in a vomit-zombie-trance for several hours afterward. He did watch the entire Elmo in Grouchland movie that day.

This past weekend I pulled out Spiderman 2. That one didn't hold Aiden's attention as well. I think there were less scenes with Spiderman in his suit, which happen to be his favorite parts. Maybe we'll try to take him to Spiderman 4 this year? We'll see.

Needless to say, I bought a couple Spiderman gifts for Aiden's birthday.

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