Monday, June 27, 2011

A Very Ramby Weekend

Saturday morning Aiden and I met the Ramby's on the beach. There was an insane amount of seaweed covering the beach and more kept coming! We saw lots of little creatures that had lived in the seaweed. Very cool!

Travis had to work in the morning, but he was off by the time Aiden woke up from his nap. That afternoon, we met the Ramby's at a park that has a train caboose stationed within. Sadly, it was not open for the boys to explore. They did however, enjoy playing on the brand new playscape and watching the tons of turtles in the koi pond. Next time we need to bring bread so we can feed them!

After the park, we went over to the Ramby's house for dinner. We stopped at the fish market near their house so they could grab some tilapia and shrimp. I've never been in a fish market that big and found it very interesting. They had live crab and shrimp swimming around under the many tubs of seafood on ice. The guy that helped us explained that they keep the live crab in the water like that so they can get soft-shelled crab. They had octopus and GIANT squid. Seriously, I've never seen squid so huge.

The grilled dinner was EXCELLENT. Probably the best we've eaten in weeks, since we've been on the low-income Ramen diet. Hopefully things perk up here soon. I could really go for some more good eating!

Sunday we took it easy in the morning. Travis slept in. After lunch, Travis put Aiden down for a nap and I got on the road to buy stuff for Aiden's birthday party that is to be held next weekend. (Yay credit card!) Because money is so tight this year, we decided to throw a really small party. We invited eight of Aiden's friends and our family. Last year we had over 50 people come, so this is a serious downsize. As of right now, the only family that's attending is Ariel, Robert and my dad should hopefully be there. The plan is for him to stay a week or two and help us build that wall I keep talking about.

The shopping was really EASY without having Aiden. He is actually really good when it comes to grocery shopping, as long as I don't stop to compare products for too long. The key is to keep moving. Since I knew I would have to take my time shopping for Aiden's party AND I don't want him to see his gifts until his birthday, I made time for a trip without him. It was exhilarating to just jump out of the car for one item at a store. That is something I rarely do when I have Aiden. I bought everything we need for decorating and I also picked up his birthday presents. I got really excited picking everything out this year because I know he is going to love it all.

As for the party, I am soooo behind compared to last year. That is partially due to lack of funding and because it just caught up with me suddenly. I got the invitations out really late. Meaning, everyone received their invites last week. I did send out an Evite Save-the-Date a month ago though. We decided to do a luau theme with a touch of Toy Story. I wanted to something tropical since we are going to have all the water toys out. And Aiden is obsessed with Buzz Lightyear. We've been in a drought since February and it recently started raining again. Just in time for Aiden's outdoor birthday party. I hope it doesn't rain Saturday afternoon!

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