Monday, June 20, 2011

No Mess Friday

Friday evening, I left Aiden with Auntie Ariel and Uncle Robert for a couple hours after work so I could meet some co-workers for dinner. Travis and I are currently the poorest we have ever been in our entire lives (including our college years), so I had some serious guilt riding my shoulders. But! One of my friends at work who is a student just successfully defended his dissertation and a celebration was in order!

We went to a new restaurant in town called Brickhouse. This is a complete oxymoron, but it was like a classy Hooters. The decor was very sleek and modern. The menu and the servers are definitely aimed at folks of the male persuasion. The food, however, is fabulous. I shared a sandwich with a friend that was amazing. Both the sandwich and the friend. I will definitely go back.

I left the restaurant in time to get Aiden home for bed. As I pulled up in the driveway, I had a moment of excitement where I realized I would not have any animal messes to clean up. Travis had to work a little past 6:30, which meant he got home before us. I got inside and asked Travis what the damage was when he arrived. Nothing. He said NOTHING! The dog didn't tear anything up, the cats didn't poop or puke anywhere. NOT FAIR! The one day Travis had to do it and there was nothing for him to do!! Gah.

Anyhoo, this photo shows what he did to my plants the day he trampled everything. The aloe plant on the steps survived, no problems. The plan in the red pot were all but destroyed. To the left of that pot, you can see a piece of long white plastic. That was a long planter with flowers. I saved three of the plants from that and those in the red pot. They look horrific, without a single full leaf, but I'm giving them a chance. I have worked so hard on my plants this year that I couldn't bare to just throw them out. Besides, we can't afford to replace them at this point.

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